Dominican Poison

Dominican Poison

Dominicna Poison

Now hear me out on this Dominican Poison Girl.

When i first saw the trend of people talking and searching Dominican poison, I figure our rat poison “Tres Pasito” was coming back in style…

I was oh so happy, then I found out you guys are simply looking for material to fap to in the form of a big booty, big breasted sexy Dominican woman who is named “Dominican Poison”. Then I was sad.

Alas this site is for the people, so while I refuse to put any naked images up on my site, I shall partly comply with the demand. I mean I guess I cant blame you for wanting to see a huge butt and huge tetas on a Latina.

WorldStar Hip-hop Posted a video of Dominican Poison, that for those that would like to see “more” should be checked out. 

I can’t post the link either bcause she is naked and thats not what we do here… Actually I would, but I have advertisers I have to anser to so I can’t. Anyway check this out.

Dominican Poison On Youtube

You can search YouTube for some one her more PG-13 videos, her username is DominicanPoison, or you can search for what everyone posts of her, by searching “Dominican Poison” or “Mizz Issy”

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