47 Dominicans Who perished on 9-11 Honored

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Dominican Artist Miguel Tio's Art for 9-11 Victims

Dominican Artist Miguel Tio's Art for 9-11 Victims

The names of about 50 Dominicans who were killed in the Al Qaeda terrorist attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, will be honored in the National Museum.

The memorial will be held on Monday 12, along with the other thousands of victims who died that day. The number of victims of Dominicans who lost their lives that day said to be 47, according to official figures.  Among the list of natives killed, several women and professionals from different areas were among these, people who worked in communication, finance, management, restaurant workers, messengers, teachers and tourists.

One of the most popular names is that of Pedro Checo, who was 35 years old and who died trying to save other lives. Checo, was vice president of financial operations of the Fiduciary Trust and a fan of fast cars.

He was married to Milly Cabrera and together had three children: Jasen, Julian and Franklin, the family lived in Queens. He did not like his name so his wife nicknamed “Frank” and the work was called “Pete”.

Out of all the Hispanic people who lost their lives that day, Dominicans were the majority of those lives lost in the Hispanic society.  These are some of the names of those who perished in the 9-11 attacks.


He was 55 years of age and a senior aide in Battalion 2 Fire Department, also died saving other lives. He had 28 years wearing the uniform, 33 years of marriage and had two children. At the time of the attack, his family knew he would be rescuing victims at the scene.

Dominicans who Lost their lives on 9-11-01

Dominicans who Lost their lives on 9-11-01


She had gone from Queens on a vacation to Cancun (Mexico) with her husband Mario, they did this once a year, traveling around the world. From there they set out to Disney World in Florida, and then returned to New York.

Among its future plans for 2002, was the visit the Netherlands in Europe, because they had relatives in Holland. In Cancun, they took pictures and videos of the ride. The couple had two children: Jamie and Raul.

“I did not see the images of the destruction of the towers and now we can not bear to watch that video,” her husband said.


She had 2 sons, one named Robbie, born with Down syndrome, which made her worry every day and who at that time, was 18 months of age.  She worked as a financial analyst at Marsh & McLennan.

She was an active homemaker, she loved painting and fine furniture. Two days before the attack, she spent it cleaning the porch in Stony Point (Long Island).

Her last call was made to her husband from the tower to say that the office was filling with smoke and she could not breathe.


He lived in Flushing (Queens) and 46 years old, was assistant vice president at Cantor Fitzgerald.

His widow Agnes, now 71 years describes him as a man devoted to his work and returned to his family, to the point of maintaining close friendship with his sister Leslie.

Shortly before dying in the towers, spent several days at the bedside of his ailing father in hospital and 81 years old. He had kept a lock of hair of his daughter Adriana in the safe in your home.


With 26 years of age, was one of the most outstanding employees of Cantor Fitzgerald and so laborious that said the day should have been 27 and not 24 hours. He became a partner of the company and became vice president.

He was one of the pioneers in creating websites for gaming, where players could bet on anything. He lived in Staten Island.  As a child, he used to distribute newspapers int he neighborhoods he used to call home ..


Her family remembers Lilian as an “angel”, was friendly and supportive and offered to sit up in bed next to any patient who met her.  For 22 years she played in a Christian sect and was a very active preacher of the Holy Bible.  She was 48 the day of the attack on the towers.

A day earlier, on September 10, she had gone to her church in Staten Island to teach Sunday school and sing in the choir.

Her sister Aurea de la Cruz, remembers her as the woman who had a profound life and said the death of Lilian should serve to help others prepare for Christ.

Caceres was a technology manager and at 8:00 am was at her desk in the company Marsh & McLennan. Their tragic fate, she had changed the shift that she had later that day, for a morning one because she wanted to pick up her daughter at 4:00 PM at the school.


Lived in Jersey City (New Jersey) and was 43 years of age. For 22 years he worked at the World Trade Center as a security guard for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

He was last seen running towards the north tower trying to save his life after helping guide dozens of others to safety.  He wanted to reach the hotel before it collapsed. He did not have that opportunity.


He was in charge of office supplies in the towers. He grew up in Englewood (New Jersey) and his sister Claudia Sanchez recalls the hard joked he used to make, one of them accusing her of being adopted.

Also bothered her to tell him that his bike was better than hers. Being the second child of the marriage, her mother recalls that every day he liked to eat his favorite dish of rice, pork chops, beans and bananas.

She described it as “a child in paradise.”


He lived in Upper Manhattan and worked as a desk clerk in the luxurious World Windows (Windows to the World) in the 107th floor of the north tower.  He was 46 years old.

He had a daughter named Kirsy, whom he brought from the Dominican Republic, She arrived in July 2001.

His life as an immigrant was not easy in New York. He worked in restaurant kitchens to save money, he left his first wife and married again. His daughter was only two months living with him, before the terrorist attack.

Virginia, her sister said the father, he promised to fight to bring them to New York until the last day of his life.

They never forget a single moment of the short time we were together with the parent. Phone calls and photographs of his father, is all that is because his visa was approved in November 2001.


Was inseparable from his younger brother Maurice.

They grew up in Upper Manhattan, worked together at a gym and salsa dancing in discos and other entertainment centers.

“We were best friends, we did everything together,” recalls his brother Maurice of his brother who worked as an operations checker at Cantor Fitzgerald and had plans to marry his girlfriend, Lilian Fermin who he had been with for nine years. The wedding was planned for October, a month after the attack on the towers.

The Dominican was 30 years old and loved to tell stories about his life in the often exaggerated details to make people laugh.  “We miss him a lot,” says Mauricio.

Original Story by: Elnuevodiario.com.do

Original Art By Dominican Artist: Miguel Tio

Video Of The 9-11 Attacks Where Almost 50 Dominicans Perished

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