Music Video By Max Agende (Te Extraño)

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Max Agende - Te Extraño Video Shoot

Max Agende - Te Extraño Video Shoot

What you thought all those interviews you see of Max Agende on the studio are for show?

Did ya’ Did ya’ (studdering) d-d-d-did ya think that guys born with music in their veins like Max Santos and Lenny Santos (from Aventura) were just taking this 2 year group hiatus as vacation while Henry Santos And Romeo released music? Well slap yourself silly for not being a true Aventura fan and following the great music that has been coming out of this camp.

The following is a behind the scenes of a video shoot of Max (Mike Santos) for his new single Te Extraño.

Max Agende (aventura, D'Element)

Max Agende (aventura, D'Element)

The single features Miguel and John Q and while Lenny had a hand in the production this will be for Max’s solo project, D’Element as a group (Max and Lenny) also have a project.  For those under a rock for the past year, D’Element is a new urban bachata group formed by Mikey and Lenny Santos after the famous group Aventura disbanded temporarily for its members to explore solo careers.

The track Te Extraño is produced by Lenn Melody and JTraxx.

Jtraxx may not remember, but we actually got to work together many years ago on another project, and from that alone I can tell you his production have been top of the line from day one, add Lenny’s skills on the guitar and what else do you expect?  The guy is known as Len Melody!

As far as the rest of the group Aventura, Romeo Santos is on his second single entitled “Promise” featuring Usher Raymond and his cousin Henry released the video for his single Poquito a Poquito with good response.

This single “Te Extraño” is going to be on the upcoming Maxmusick Vol 1 release, slated to be out this year.  As a matter of fact, why am I talking?  Check it out!

Behind The Scenes Music Video Te Extraño (Max Agende)

Aventura’s Max Agende and Lenny Santos (D’Element) Nos Mandan Saludos!

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