Jack Veneno Lucha Por Su Vida En El Hospital

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Jack Veneno

Jack Veneno

The great Dominican Ex-Wrestler Jack Veneno is said to be fighting for his life against cancer.


Jack Veneno, who is known in the world of sports as a hero of the Dominican people due to his many years of provided entertainment in times of despair in the Dominican Republic is said to be in a Hospital due to his cancer illness.

Oddly enough, his life-long rival in the wrestling world Relampago Hernandez died recently due to Cardiac problems on July 12th. In an interview to “El Listin Diario” one of the top news papers for latinos he lamented the death of Mr. Hernandez, and said that in the last 5 years they had made peace outside of the ring for past mishaps between the two and that he had “great respect” for Relampago.

El Campeon De La Bolita Del Mundo

El Campeon De La Bolita Del Mundo

Around the same time, in the show “El Poder De La Tarde” he announced that he had been fighting prostate cancer for a year and had submitted himself for chemotherapy.  He said that he appreciated the support that he had been getting from president Leonel Fernandez and the sports commissioner, he also said that in facing this illness he would leave it all “In the hands of God”.

On a personal note Jack Veneno has always been a personal favorite of mine


Many people do not know this outside of Dominican Republic, but Jack Veneno once fought Rick Flair in a highly debated event where Jack won the title from Rick Flair.  It later has been said that the reason Rick Flair was defeated was because he feared the repercussions of losing in the Dominican Republic with military guards around who seemed eager and willing to cause harm if needed.

Since young i’ve thought that Jack Veneno represents what it is to be a Dominican, granted a lot of the situations he was in were simply due to his living there.  However, I do appreciate the Dominican flag as an outfit, I do appreciate the promoting Dominican products on his speeches, I do appreciate taking what it is to be Dominican and multiplying it times 1,000 so it comes trough on television.  I’ve always admired that, and we hope ThatsDominican.Com is living up to those same standards that made me and a great deal of kids growing up watching Lucha Libre want to be like Jack Veneno.

Jack Veneno

Jack Veneno 2011 Video made by ThatsDominican.Com

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