Le Responden A Romeo Los Otros Miembros de Aventura

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Aventura Mike, lenny, henry, romeo santos

Aventura Mike, Lenny, Henry, Romeo Santos

The members of Aventura Lenny, Henry and Max respond to the allegations made by lead singer Romeo Santos in the interview with Don Francisco.

In a radio interview Henry Santos who just released a video for his solo song “Poquito a Poquito” addresses the remarks said by Romeo in a recent interview conducted by Don Francisco at Romeo’s house a couple of weeks ago as not true.  Romeo said in the interview that the reason the group fell apart was due to the lack of balance in the way the work was handled by the whole group, stating that he felt the rest of the group was not putting in enough work.

Henry on the radio interview (see video below) also says that unlike the rumors that have been circulating, he is not jealous of his cousin Romeo’s success or the money he has made “What he made is his business, I don’t have anything against that” he said.  Henry Santos also says that since the start of the group, all the members as a whole have put in work to make the group what it is today.  When asked if he felt he owed Romeo Santos for his fame he said “no”, that this was something that was accomplished together.

Meanwhile the report continues in the Bronx where the group D’Element formed by the Max and Lenny is continued in their Bronx recording studio.

Max and Lenny both agree with Henry and state that they all put in the same amount of work since Aventura was started

Aventura Mike, Lenny, Henry, Romeo Santos

Aventura Mike, Lenny, Henry, Romeo Santos

and that Romeo Santos should take his own advice and be more careful about what statements are made on camera that may be hurtful to others.

While the drama continues and seems to be made bigger than what it is by the media, what is for sure is one thing, they all still agree they will be re-uniting in the year 2013 and that while they have their difference the relationship and brotherhood overcomes these little mishaps that seems to keep popping up.  Check the video out!

Video Interview with Henry Santos, Max Agende and Lenny Santos

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