Milly Quezada – 30 Años De Ser La Reyna

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Milly Quezada - Aqui Estoy Yo

Milly Quezada - Aqui Estoy Yo

Vamos a hablar de Milly Quezada, y vamos a ponernos claro, por que yo no soy oscuro…


Se lo estoy diciendo en Español para que me entiendan bien.  Cuando hablen de Milly Quezada están hablando de realeza, soberanía, majestad de la cultura Dominicana, y el que tenga problema con eso busquenme en Facebook para personalmente darle unas patadas bien merecidas.  Mi nombre es Manuel, y no me confundas.

On to the topic at hand Milly Quesada has a new album out in case you peasants have been under a rock.


The majesty titled it “Aqui estoy Yo” (Here I am) and with that statement letting everyone know, that through the ups and downs she still remains queen, still making great music, and here to give you not only more of the music you love but here with a lot more of herself to share with the fans.

Aqui Estoy Yo

Aqui Estoy Yo

After a career that has extended 30 years in the music business, collaborations with a great deal of the who is who in and outside of the Dominican culture, awards that span the length of 2 football fields together… ok maybe i exaggerated a little bit on the last one, but you get the point…

Her new album offers even more than what we come to expect from Milly, and a bit of an updated sound as well with tracks that implement just tiny spurts of what is in style as far as music.  The sound complements the production (Handled by Janina Rosado, the director of music of Juan Luis Guerra) but without compromising who Milly is as an artist, and to be honest, her music and voice as strong as ever do not need any bells and whistles, this talent transcends generations and will continue to do so.


The album features Duets with Juan Luis Guerra, Víctor Manuelle y Tito Nieves. “Llorare Por El” (I will cry for him) has a video out already (see below).  The story of the song might be a personal one for Milly, as the video recounts a young love of someone that she is no longer with, it is shot as a memory almost where she sees herself with her love in younger years.

The album has a highly talked about duet with Juan Luis Guerra entitled “Toma mi Vida“, and it is garnishing a lot of attention as well as it should, as two of the top representatives of the culture unite to make this great theme come to life in Aqui estoy yo.

Milly Quezada – Llorare Por El (Video)


Premios Casandra (multiple)
¨El Soberano¨ en 1997,
máximo galardón de esta
Premios Billboard y Premios Lo Nuestro 1998,
Premios Ace
Premios Tú Música
Premios Paoli de Puerto Rico
Premios Globo de New York
Many other recognitions and awards.




Milly Speaks About Her New Album

Duet with Juan Luis Guerra From Aqui Estoy Yo

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