Brenda Perez

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Brenda Perez

Brenda Perez

The world of the Internet is a wonderful thing, and I love Face-Book for it, it has let me come across so much talent from my Country and get in touch with so many wonderful people that represent us so well, such is the case with Brenda Perez, Miss La Vega D.R. and candidate for Miss Dominican Republic.


At age 23, Brenda’s aspirations are to follow her modeling career into the media scene, as an actress/producer and Director of films, to help her in the pursuit of her goals she currently studies acting at HB studio.

Brenda Perez Miss La Vega

Brenda Perez Miss La Vega

Brenda Perez is a student at Long Island University Majoring in Film,TV, Digital video production and Directing and her main concern at the moment is keeping focused on her career to see her dreams come true, and to continue pursuing modeling aiming for the honor of being chosen to represent her homeland Dominican Republic.

The voting will be in the month of August and ends the 20th, and Miss La Vega promises to keep her fans informed of how they can help vote her as the next Miss Dominican Republic via her FaceBook page.

She wants to project positive messages through art and to be able to continue opening doors for Latin women and be able to inspire and help others in her craft.

Check Out the Video Interview We conducted with Brenda: Miss La Vega Interview


Brenda Perez Sends ThatsDominican.Com a Shout-out!

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