Dominican girl gets Judo Chopped

You see the guy licking his hands before hitting that chick with that Judo chop slap? Oh lawwd!!  Now I don’t condone violence towards women, and I would have handled the situation differently, however I did giggle a little bit at the situation.  Girl was dancing dirty with another man in what seems to be the beach, and starts getting too frisky while her husband is around (and you all know how Dominican men are) and gets smacked in the face and then dragged off by her hair in shame.  Oh lawd..

The original source of the videos (yes there are 2) is not clear, however the first time I saw them was one in Carlos Rafael Aquino’s facebook, and the other on Burgos Anderson facebook page, now I am not sure if these were the ones who did record it respectively, but very well might be, so direct your questions to them.

there is another video as I said above, its the same as the video shown here but from another angle and showing the girl being dragged off in shame at the end by her hair, longer but filmed from further away.

dominican negged