Ron Brugal – Dominican Rum Brugal

Ron Brugal

Brugal is the name that is synonymous with the word “rum” in the Dominican Republic

It is the most widely available rum there, and from the big three int he Dominican Republic (Brugal, Barcelo and Bermudez) it is also the easiest to find in the United states. In the Dominican Republic, prices range from what in the U.S. would be less than 5 dollars, to their aged rum that although hard to find seems to be quite the treat for rum aficionados everywhere “Siglo Dorado” or “Golden Century” and their newest release “Brugal Titanium”.

I don’t want to make this page so much about the history of the company, I will put some facts and everything but all of that can be searched on Wikipedia and I would be just stealing their lines, so let me tell you my take on it. One thing that I do want to note that many don’t realize is that in 2008 Brugal let the world know that by owning the majority of the shares, the company was overtaken by Scottish distilling company the Edrington Group. They agreed to maintain production of the Rum in the Dominican Republic.

Any self respecting rum drinker knows that if there is one thing where the Caribbean shines in general, is the making of rum, and Dominican Republic is no different.

For the casual traveler to the Dominican Republic, the selection of rums in resorts will perhaps be limited since some of the tastes our rums have may not cater to the regular drinker, the one they will have however, at any place, is BRUGAL.

Brugal Rum – New York Rangers – Logo

Brugal, is the best selling rum in and of the Dominican Republic, I was on a plane the other day and was surprised to see a whole article about this rum in one of the in-flight magazines. While the age of the rums may vary by hotel, in general, the ones you will find will be young rums, and will be best suited for drinking with Coke, or ehem.. Coke Lite (Dominican version of Diet Coke)… See what I did there?

Some of the aged rums from Brugal come wrapped in a yellow mesh (see picture) around the rum, I’ve actually seen people hanging that mesh from their cars as a way to express that they are Dominican, while 99% of people won’t understand it, the 1% who do (as you now will) will giggle internally, and say, “that’s a win”.

Here is a Video of the factory, if You got a better one let us know!

Old Commercial From Brugal