LulaxCave – T-shirt / Clothing Company By Dominicans

LulaxCave’s «Pendejaso» T-Shirt

I had not heard about this company up until the other day, a clothing company called “LulaxCave“

but, now that I have and had a chance to check out some of their products I thought it was a good idea to share, and put you on to this Dominican Business just as I was.

The clothing company was founded by two first generation Dominicans who moved to the United States and chose to use their culture as well as what the culture evolved to here in the United states as inspiration to create something different, yet rooted in the foundations that their parents taught them.

My friend and I created a T-shirt brand that is very inspired by the use of Spanglish and the feelings of belonging to a very rich culture.” – Said Gustavo Ureña, co-creator of the brand while speaking to ThatsDominican.Com.

“We mix what we acquired when we came to the states and what our parents taught us about our roots.”

And that can clearly be seen on their designs. Now do not get it twisted, I am not getting paid to review this, nor would I take the time to review something I was not interested in, these guys got their business together.


ThatsDominican.Com Staff wearing LulaxCave

when I received the shirts, the package it came in was branded with the company name, proudly stating “Fresh & Tender” beneath it, their slogan. The first shirt I took out was the “Pendejaso” one pictured to the right. For those un-familiar with the Dominican culture and products, the logo is the same logo as our most famous beer “Presidente”. The bright green color only made the whole thing even funnier, so what did I do as I drove to the gym? I took off my shirt, and put that one on, and I’m being serious.

I walked into the gym (good percentage of Latin people) and I’m not sure if I was looking sexier because of my newly grown beard, or perhaps it was the lime green color, or maybe they all were in on the logo joke, but I felt admired, and oh yes, I plan to wear this shirt often hahaha.


The fit is somewhere between athletic and regular fit, the fabric is thin (in a good way) so it will form to your body if you have a good build, however if you don’t the shirt lends itself to be looser around the right parts.

I wear a size Large, and the only thing I have to critique on this was I felt for a Large sized shirt, the fit was a tad longer than what I am used to… however, keep in mind I’m 5’7″, midget status, so perhaps what I am saying holds no weight when it comes to this. Would I have gone a size smaller? I’m not sure, I think it runs true to size in width, so any smaller and it would have looked like a reggaeton artist… No offence to reggaeton artists :D



I’m always careful when I shop online, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a product that I may hate, and even if the return policy is good the truth is I’m too lazy to send anything back.  That said, their prices are very reasonable, considering any shirt you get now a days of this fabric style will run you a good amount, add to that the fact they have something cool printed on it, and it’s a steal.

I suggest you all take a look in their website and see the shirts/accessories that these guys have, real proffesional group of guys.  Now I gotta go wash my “Pendejaso” shirt, need it clean for the weekend.

Official Site: