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The Best Places to go to in D.R.  – Tell You about our customs – Our Drinks (see below)- Our Food – Places to visit, best hotels, And whatever Else may be of help to you, so you can travel to the Dominican Republic a true Dominicano! 

Vacation to the Dominican Republic has greatly increased in the past decade. With many investors buying property in the Dominican Republic and improving on the resorts and experience offered to travelers it has become one of the top destinations to travel to from the U.S. and specially for Europe Travelers on Holiday. The top destination for vacationers are Punta Cana Dominican Republic, La Romana, and Puerto Plata.

With a handful of airports to travel to pricing on flights and resorts tend to be very competitive and fair. Most resorts in the Dominican Republic are all inclusive and offer a great deal for the money, and a lot partner up as chains so you are able to enjoy different resorts that are within walking distance of each other for the price of one!

I’ve personally been to a few all inclusive, mainly the RIU hotel lines, they have all sorts of chains there.  Check out the deals they got going on and see if they fit your budget ect. Riu Hotels Offers and Promotions I’m not sure when that ends, but does not hurt to check.


Let us start with our drinks:

OUR BEERS: When it comes to beer Dominican Republic is known for one, the king of all beers, PRESIDENTE.  The word itself means president, but trust me it’s king there.  This would be in the same class as a corona or Heineken beer when it comes to crispness, and taste.  They also have a “Light” version for you diet people, and by the way on that note, don’t ask for anything “DIET” while there, everything there is either lite or Light, so you would order a COKE LITE, if you wanted a diet coke. Bottom line is, if its good enough for Hillary, should be good enough for you :)The second most popular beer in the Dominican Republic is BOHEMIA, is a darker bottle, and quickly gaining a following, those two are the staple at every bar / pub and club in the D.R., since you will be at a resort usually for most of your trip they will also have imports there, however I suggest that when in Rome… Do as the Romans do and have yourself one of these wonderful brews. OUR RUMS:

Any self respecting rum drinker knows that if there is one thing where the Caribbean shines in general, is the making of rum, and Dominican Republic is no different.  The selection of rums in resorts will perhaps be limited since some of the tastes our rums have may not cater to the regular usually drinker, the one they will have however, at any place, is BRUGAL.

Brugal, is the best selling rum in and of the Dominican republic, I was on a plane the other day and was surprised to see a whole article about this rum in one of the in-flight magazines.  While the age of the rums may vary by hotel, in general, the ones you will find will be young rums, and will be best suited for drinking with Coke, or ehem.. Coke Lite… See what I did there?

Some of the aged rums from Brugal come wrapped in a yellow mesh (pictured on the left) around the rum, I’ve actually seen people hanging that mesh from their cars as a way to express that they are Dominican, while 99% of people won’t understand it, the 1% who do (as you now will) will giggle internally, and say, “that’s a win”.

Other well known Dominican spirits, in the rum category include Bermudez, and Barcelo (the second best selling rum in the Dominican Republic).  I can’t be 100% sure of this, but from my experience it seems Barcelo rum is really catching on here in the U.S., and as a rum drinker I’d like to think its more than good marketing on their part, however I can’t deny the new packaging of their rums is amazing looking, and unlike Brugal, they have started selling high end aged rum in the states… while I enjoy Brugal better, I really enjoy seeing Barcelo expand.  Pictured on the right is their original design.  They also own some hotel chains that I’ve never personally been to because they are a bit out of my price range, but rated highly Top All Inclusive Resorts: #3. Barcelo Bavaro Beach Hotel All Inclusive – Punta Cana, DO you can check out.

For those Rum lovers out there seeking a bit more information, some of my favorite rums are Vizcaya, Ron Zapaca, rum Zaya among others.  If you want a comparison, if you’ve ever been lucky enough to have the Real Cuban rum Havana Club, Brugal is comparable in basic uses and general taste.


You ever hear of that drink, that will heal everything from a bad cold to make you Superman when it comes to YOU KNOW WHAT?  Seems like every country has one, ours is MAMAJUANA.  For a more detail look at this check out our “WHAT IS THAT” section, but in a nutshell, its a bottle full of different herbs and wood chunks that is filled with rum, wine, and other spices and left to infuse for weeks, months, or years.  It is taken in shots, never mixed, and I would highly suggest you ask the bar-tender at your resort if they have any, some resorts will, some wont, but you need to try it, enough said.

LEGAL: If you plan on bringing Mamajuana from D.R. to the States READ THIS, you must remember, it MUST have alcohol in it, you CANNOT transport just the tree barks ect.  The reason for this is, if there happens to be any bug in one of the trees / herbs used to make the Mamajuana, and you bring it to say the U.S., and its not a native bug to the U.S. it could cause many problems, as you are now introducing a new entity that may not have natural predators in the U.S. since its not native to the U.S. the alcohol, ensures that any bugs that may be there, are.. dead.

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