Jabon Candado – Jabon De Cuaba

Jabon Candado Jabon De Cuaba

Jabon Candado Jabon De Cuaba

So we all know the slogan right?  Oh you Don’t remember the Jabon Candado song?  Shame on you you poor excuse for a Dominican!

Ah just kidding!  Jabon Candado is a jabon de Cuaba or “Cuaba soap” produced in the Dominican Republic.  The soap itself is actually made to clean clothing with, however in the Dominican Republic its uses range from use as a personal soap to wash your body and hair, or soap to clean food before cooking as well as clothing.

It is hard to find information online about this and this is why I went out and got me some.  Yes, I live in one of those neighborhoods in the tri-state area of the United States where I can in fact get the product at a very specific location that shall remain secret.  On to it then, let me tell you what the label says.

Jabon Candado comes “en pasta y en bola” as the commercial with Dona Tatica used to say, meaning it comes cubed or in ball shape.

Jabon de Cuaba - Jabon Candado

Owner of ThatsDominican.Com Manuel «Minus P» showing off his Jabon Candado Stash

The soap is fabricated by the company Unilever Caribe S.A. (Unilever.Com) Av. Maximo Gomez No. 182 Santo Domingo R.D.  The ingredient list goes as follows: Jabon Sodico (sebato de sodio, palmato / Cocoato de Sodio) Agu, Glicerina, Silicato de Sodio, Cloruro de Sodio, Perfume, Acido Etidrionico y EDTA.

The only thing I know about those is that “Glicerina” is to protect your hands, to moisten them I take it.

Jabon Candado is in-fact exported to the United States and other parts of the world, it is just hard to find unless you live in a highly Latin populated area.  The exporters are Unilever as well, just a different division of the company.

This is something you may not know, Unilever is actually a huge company that makes many of the products that you consume today, its like the Mother brand of huge brands already.


  • hellman’s Mayo
  • Lipton Tea
  • Knorr
  • Country Rock (butter)
  • Bertoli
  • Ben & Jerrys
  • and many others.

When you look at it like that, these guys just about single handily produce everything you need to survive in the world and with that said no wonder they are behind one of the products most related to the Dominican Republic, el Jabon de Cuaba, Jabon Candado.