Bayahibe – Dominican Republic – Casa De Campo

Bayahibe Diving

Bayahibe Diving

Is one of the best places to go to in the Dominican Republic if your hobby or interest has anything to do with diving.

The main people seem to be a couple who run a mariposa tours, and that has a Scuba section called “Scubafun”.

The beach itself is located in a small town, or village even where the main gain for the locals is fishing. This area is surrounded by a handfull of large resorts.

Bayahibe provides an entrances to the Parque Nacional del Este (National Park of the East)and Soana Island (a 25 by 5km sized Island).

The park consists of limestone terraces formed a million years ago and caves containing pre-Columbian pictographs and rock carvings of the Tainos.

The importance of this is that part of this park is where most of the diving takes place, it is known because of its beautiful coral formation diversity, if you are into underwater Macro photography this is it! In Calderas Bay, (the southeastern tip of the park), is the location where you will find saltwater lagoons with mangrove swamps and different types of birdlife.

Bayahibe is also where you can hire a boat for a 45 minute ride over to Isla Saona, where you may get lucky enough to be able to see some dolphins and enjoy a unique holiday to bayahibe.

Check out this video from Bayahibe I found on youtube.