Interview with Dominican Dream – Modelo / Model

Model The Dominican Dream

Model The Dominican Dream

Ay Dios Pero Que mujer tan bella!  “The Dominican Dream” as she calls herself is a model hailing from Northern Virginia who we had a chance to talk to recently!

Already published in many sites like GGurls and Dynasty Series and major magazines like Hip Hop Weekly and Don Diva (This with less than a year on the scene,) she says that modeling was never a career choice for her until others started suggesting it to her, her main passion was music.

She comes from Santo Domingo, where she was Left in the hospital of San Lorenzo de Los Minas in Dominican Republic by her parents after being born.  While many would not consider this the perfect start to life, she calls this event a blessing, enabling her to be in the situation she is in now with whom she calls “The most Amazing family ever”.

Her adopting parents (Italian) took her to Europe and eventually moved to the United States where the Dominican Dream has been living most of her life.

Even though she has spent most of her life in the US, she fully embraces everything about her Dominican heritage.  Her favorite Dominican food is what we call “La Bandera”, a typical combination of chicken rice and beans that her Mother learned to cook for her.  Dominican dream also proudly speaks to us about a tattoo that she has on the back of her neck that says “Dominicana”.

Among other tattoos the model Dominican Dream (Whose real name is Eliaura) has are a rose on her shoulder, and a crown on her lower back

“Every girl should feel like royalty” – Dominican Dream

The tatoo “Que suerte que Tiene Esta Nina” meaning “what luck this child has“, she says was gotten after her Godparents (who are Dominican) baptized her and said that phrase referring to how lucky she had been to have gotten adopted by these wonderful people.

She hopes to continue her career in modeling, seeing many doors open for her in the modeling industry and hoping to one day be in the position to one day be able to give back to her community, among them one with the same name as her the Dominican Dream Foundation which we have talked about here in the past.

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