Henry Santos entrevista con Don Francisco – Interview

Bueno y parese que los chismes siguen entre la familia de Aventura, y en esta entrevista con Don Francisco, Henry Santos llega a decir lo que penso de las palabras de su primo Romeo Santos (Video Abajo).

On September 12th, on the Univision show “Don Fancisco Presenta”, along with other guest in the panel (Including Eric Estrada) Aventura group member Henry Santos spilled the beans on his feelings towards Romeos earlier interview on the same show.

In the Interview with Don Francisco (that took place in Anthony Romeo’s home in upstate New York)

the lead singer of Aventura accused the rest of the members of the group of not doing as much work as he did while in the group.  He also stated that the members benefited from his sacrifice.  When pressed by Don Francisco about his feelings towards these statements Henry replied by saying that it was “irresponsible of him to say that”.

During the interview, don Francisco also asked if he felt hurt because of the words that his first cousin had said, and noted how close they had been growing up together since the age of 15 and how close their families have been.  Henry’s reply was a yes, and continued to say that what hurt him the most was the statement about the group members benefiting from Romeos sacrifice, insinuating that the rest of the group had not also been part of that sacrifice to make the group be as successful as it is.

Henry Santos has his first CD as a solo artist coming out this October 2011

He has a video out for his single “Poquito a poquito” and the album will be titled “Introducing Henry Santos“.  Check out these three clips of the Univision Interview for the show “Don Francisco Presenta” featuring Henry and let us know what you think about his comments.

Parte 1 Entrevista Con Henry Santos

Parte 2 Don Francisco Entrevista a Henry de Aventura

Parter 3 Don Francisco Presenta con Henry Santos