Dominis in the Heights Video with Lyrics / Letras

Dominis in the Heights Video with Lyrics / Letras


Times to hard mu’fuckers wanna fine me

Times so hard everything is so pricey
I’m not payed, I’m not payed, I’m not payed

Que la cosa ta mala mami tu te priva en fancy
Que tu crees? Asi no es, asi no es..

Apple-bees, two for one
one for you, one for moi
and I got like two groupons
one side salad no limit on croutons

Yeh, baby tonight we going H.A.M
Half on All Meals
Brisk Icey and we share a can

Trust me girl, that’s Ice-Tea
raspberry since you fancy
don’t forget this ain’t for free
thirty-two bucks you pay sixteen (one six)

You want dessert with all this money I spent?
you get ice cream sandwiches
twenty-five cents

but noooo,
she wants ColdStone and PinkBerry
better yet you get Oreos on a McFlurry

you having fun? Girl me too
half-and half aint just for my coffee boo..
times is hard I found a dollar by a hobo
I bought a cup of noodles master cheffed it with Adobo

We together but it seems that this bill is for me solo
let me know, i can’t be with women that are so broke
But you know me, Domini
Tamarindo con Chimi

Is what I eat so stop dreaming,
of fancy things like shrimp Scampi
ClearView Cinemas discount fees
Tuesday nights them tickets free

Chicken wing always in your jeans
Optimums rewarding me



Girls we can do anything as long as it Don’t cost me
Thats OK
Chimi, patacon?
Thats Ok
wait eperate un minuto, you paying?
Thats Ok
Thats OK

She said why we eating at the mall
I said I’m thirsty lets go third floor
Drink the water out this bathroom stall
then hit the food-court free samples take them all

That Ok

Mickey D’s? What you order? Fish Fillet?
(They Still Make That?)
You act so broke… what you say?
Happy meals are here and they on sale again

choosy girl had my plan
receipt comes out right to your hand
we going dutch, half and half
haha, never laugh

I smiled and say dessert is a nice treat
She want sorbet but I give her Mr. Softee

Bum a ride after dinner
see a movie at theater
your camera-phone better to make a bootleg for later
leave the seat off the middle
for the snacks that will trickle
down the floor of the people
who drop em all, I found Skittles AH!


That Ok
That Ok
That Ok


Heights Entertainment:
Directed by: Gilberto Flores
Edited by: Anthony Palmini & Dan Gilkes
Written & Performed by Anthony Palmini & Jeff Lapaixx
Lip synced by Juan Bago And Oscar Martinez