Pan con Queso Lyrics (English and Spanish)

Pan Con Queso - Juan Bago and O

Pan Con Queso – Juan Bago and O


REMEMBER A WHILE BACK how we brought you the Pan Con queso story? These two Dominican guys from the Heights made a song that went viral…

The song was played so much, that our site even ended up being called for an interview with Fox 5 Latino? (had to throw that in there you know Dominicans are heavy with that name dropping)

Well here are the Pan Con Queso Lyrics in English for anyone who does not speak Spanish. Also the lyrics in Spanish below that followed by the video itself. Enjoy!



Listen, do you like bread with cheese?
Damn yes, with some coffee..
Lets go..


uhuh what are we going to eat (bread with cheese 3X)
aha, and there is no cornflakes (bread with cheese 3X)
If you see me in the store take a look (bread with cheese 3X)
Lets enjoy a coffee (bread with cheese 3X)

Damn bro, i’m hungry as hell
Went to the store trying to get me some coffee and some bread
I need it, i’m depressed
In the fridge, theres no water bread or kneaded bread

I go outside and see some shorty selling nutella
Saying “baby this is goood!” — what a damn liar!
Out in the streets, dramatic like a soap opera
Cold as hell, boots on, but with no socks

I am mad as hell, avoid yourself some problems
I dont want sweet cream, oatmeal, or corn starch
And finally we get there, and we bought em
A lil bread, a lil coffee
And right away, i began devouring!


I’m begging this guy for my coffee
Now I have my coffee!



PAN CON QUESO  Lyrics (spanish Lyrics)

Olle, ati te gusta el pan con queso?
Diablo si con un cafecito… Nos fuimos.


Aha, que vamo a comer (pan con queso 3X)
aha, y no hay confle (pan con queso 3X)
si tu me ve en el colmado echa una vista ahi (pan con queso 3X)
vamo a mangar un cafecito en la equina ahi (pan con queso 3X)

Olle manito, aqui hay una hambre de cuadrito
pal colmado busco un cafecito y un pansito
lo necesito, hay depre
en la nevera no hay pan de agua ni tampoco sobaito

salgo pa fuefa vi una jeva vendiendo nutella
dique “papi eso es bueno” maldita embutera
andando afuera dramatico come una novela
un frio del diablo bota puesta pero sin las medias

con un jodio pique, evitense problema
no quiero abichuela ni avena ni maisena
y por fin llegamos, y lo compramo
pansito cafecito y de una vez, sali mangando


Le estoy roganto a este tipo, por mi cafe
Y ahora tengo mi cafecito!

(coro x2)