Chiko Swagg – Bachata Artist

Chiko Swagg

Chiko SwaggChosen Few Artist Chiko Swagg

Chiko Swagg gets signed and I don’t mean to brag but… Brag brag brag we told you so!

Mr. Swagg (who we recently had in for an interview right here on ThatsDominican.Com) just got his official start in the music inndustry with a one track deal with the famous Boy Wonder and his urban outlet Chosen Few Urbano.

Boy Wonder released this statement in regards to the decision to go with Chiko Swagg among the many international talents whose music had been submitted for the record label to appear on the fourth installment of the popular Chosen Few Documentary CD entitled “Chosen Urbano ‘El Journey””.

This has been one of the most challenging decisions of my career”

He continues, “The challenge has solidified the fact that there are so many talented artists out there in the world. Reasons why we choose Chiko Swagg we felt his music best fit the sound we were looking for this project. It’s been a tough decision and a tough couple of weeks but I am happy to congratulate him and let the media continue to Rock & Roll with the Chosen Few Urbano. Chiko Swagg’s music will fit perfectly on the soundtrack. Chiko Swagg has a unique voice and I liked he doesn’t sound or remind me of any artists out now in the market place”

Chosen Few Artist Chiko Swagg

Chosen Few Artist Chiko Swagg

The new artist was slated to be announced earlier than today, however due to the massive amount of talent Boy Wonder and the team had to sort through the process ended up taking longer than they had anticipated.

“People even called up my office threatening to sue me because it took me and my team a lot more time than anticipated to pick a winner, but as I said this was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make and it took many weeks to listen and decide on, then first anticipated.” – Boy Wonder also admits.

Chosen Few Urbano will feature Urbano artists from around the world including Chosen Few’s own Fuego, USA; Omega, Dominican Republic; Cosculluela, Puerto Rico; Chino y Nacho, Venezuela; J Balvin, Colombia; Flex, Panama, Jowell y Randy, Puerto Rico; Dyland y Lenny, Puerto Rico; Alex Kayza, Puerto Rico; De La Ghetto, Puerto Rico; Arcangel, Puerto Rico; Farukku, Puerto Rico; La Gente De Zona, Cuba; NY Mets All star Baseball player Jose Reyes, Dominican Republic; Villano Sam, Dominican Republic;  Fito Blanko, Canada; Black Point, Dominican Republic; and Sensato Del Patio, Dominican Republic;  just to name a few of the stellar line up.

With the talented Chiko Swagg on board for this project, Boy Wonder says that he is looking forward to continue to take the Chosen Few Challenge to the next level in the future.

Please check out for the most updated information on the Chosen Few Urbano project.