Dominican Terrorist (Jose Pimentel) from Washington Heights Caught

Jose Pimentel Bomb Washington Heights

Jose Pimentel the alleged Terrorist from Washingon Heights

What the hell man?

I want to be all serious about this but, Jose Pimentel (lone Wolf) is a Dominican turnt’ Muslim who got caught on terrorism charge for making bombs in his mothers kitchen in Washington Heights.

How Can I be serious after reading this?

They called this guy the “lone wolf” because he was a loner. He is 27 years old, an al-qaeda sympathiser who frequented Muslim websites one which had a link on how to build bombs.

Jose Pimentel (pictured above photo Credit: Amny.Com) was charged with criminal possession of a weapon along with 4 charges of terrorism.

Jose Pimentel - Lone Wolf

Jose Pimentel – Photo: Jefferson Siegel for New York Daily News

“A five-count criminal complaint against Jose Pimentel of Washington Heights says that Pimentel planned ‘to build a bomb and use a bomb to assassinate U.S. servicemen and women returning from active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.;” – Quotes ABC news today.

The plan was to use these bombs and use them to blow up service men when they returned and also tu use them against cops.

The guy even has my same last name, Pimentel, I’m getting E-mails from people asking me if we’re related. SMH. Now I gotta get extra searched at the airport? Nah man. I can’t take this seriously. Get the full news here.