Introducing Henry Santos el Album

Introducing Henry Santos - Album

Introducing Henry Santos – Album

Hold your hats Aventura fans, Henry Santos releases his first debut CD titled “Introducing Henry Santos” October 4th, you can order it below.

This album will be the first out of four (Maybe more) albums that will be released this year from the members of Aventura as solo acts.  From what we know, Romeo Santos has the album titled “Formula Vol. 1” due to come out November, Max Agende has his CD on the works entitled “MaxMusick Vol 1.”, (the first video for the single “Te Extrano” was filmed recently).   The manager of group D’Element (Max and Lenny Santos) told us their CD will be out this year as well.

The first single of Henry’s upcoming album is entitled “Poquito a poquito”, and the video for that was received very well with well over 1 million views on YouTube alone (see video link below).

In recent interviews Henry Santos has stated that contrary to the allegations that group lead singer Romeo made during an interview with Don Francisco, the reason for the temporary disbanding of the group was not due to individual members not putting in the same amount of work, but to experiment with their own unique sounds as solo acts.

Romeo Santos just released his second single for his upcoming CD with Usher Raymond entitled “Promise“

Introducing Henry Santos

Introducing Henry Santos

A collaboration that is tearing the charts and was even #1 in Internet sales for a short stint globally, something huge for the genre of Bachata.  That video has also been shot and should be released within the next few days (as of Sept 09th, 2011).

Introducing Henry Santos if judged by the first single should make a splash in the Latin music scene as fans of Aventura are showing support to the individual members until the group is slated to get back together in 2013.  The artist made this statement “Separen la fecha: OCTUBRE 4!! Lanzamiento del album mas sexy de la historia!!  ‘”Introducing Henry Santos”‘ (Lo original marca la diferencia)”

Track List For the Album:

1. Poquito A Poquito
2. Flippin Channels
3. Deja De Llorar (Mi Desprecio)
4. Por Nada
5. Mi Adicción
6. No Me Consuela
7. Yeah?Your Girl
8. Gotcha
9. Bella En Italiano
10. Por Amor (Mi Fiel Fanática)
11. Amantes
12. Dame Una Sonrisa
13. Una Cita (Outro)

Henry Santos is also scheduled to start a tour by the same name as the album “Introducing Henry Santos”