Toma Mi Vida Video Milly Quezada Juan Luis Guerra

Milly Y Juan Luis Guerra Toma Mi Vida video

Milly Quezada Y Juan Luis Guerra «Toma Mi Vida»

Si no soy primero en esto no se quien es. Fresco de la prensa oficial Toma Mi Vida video de Juan Luis Guerra y Milly Quezada La Reyna!

I told you the other day that the new CD was ready for ordering in Amazon entitled “Aqui estoy Yo” celebrating the 30 years of career in this music industry that Milly Quezada has!  Well along with that I mentioned a little tid-bit about the single with Juan Luis Guerra entitled “Toma Mi vida”, and now we present to you the video!

Toma mi vida Video

The Video is filmed in black and white, sort of a surreal feeling mixing reality with glamour as its a video, of the filming of the video.  The chemistry between these two artists is apparent, as well as they have both stated their mutual respect from each other being both top names in Dominican music.

Spread the word if you are a true lover of good music and the Dominican culture.

I’ve said it many times and I will not budge, this woman is royalty to our culture, and not only that, take away all the awards and accolades, take away that she does by herself what many men can’t do in this industry, just leave the talent, and that should suffice for you to still crown her queen.  You can buy the CD “Aqui estoy Yo” with the single as well as other collaborations on Amazon HERE, check out the Toma mi vida Video below.

Milly Quezada featuring Juan Luis Guerra Toma Mi Vida Video Oficial