Cheese Mofongo – How To Make and Recipe

Cheese Mofongo Recipe

Cheese Mofongo

Cheese Mofongo Recipe

Ingredients Directions and How To Make Cheese Mofongo

Start your appetite because the recipe for Mofongo is here, you shan’t eat anything until you’ve tasted this. And when it comes to Latin food this is one of the top foods to start with.

Now I’m not here to argue about where the Mofongo dish comes from, Puerto Rico or The Dominican Republic, I’m here to teach you how to make it.

For this particular recipe I am going to take you on a journey of how to make it with Cheese, for the vegetarian in you, however this is traditionally known for being make with pork rinds. In a perfect world, I would make it with both cheese AND pork rinds, but that’s just me though.

Time from start to finish for Cheese Mofongo: 45 mins.
Serves: 3

Cheese Mofongo

Peeling platanos for Mofongo

Ingredients To Make Mofongo:

6 green plantains
3 garlic cloves
virgin olive oil
corn or vegetable oil
white frying cheese (Brand Tropical)
plantain masher
pilon or potato masher
salt to taste
1/2 tea-spoon onion powder
beef or chicken stock
cilantro to garnish

Directions To Make Mofongo:

First thing is to peel the plantains, make sure they are at room temperature as this makes it easier to peel. If they have been on the refrigerator
leave them out for a couple of hours or run them over warm water. Cut about half an inch off of both ends of the plantain and make a slit with a knife
deep enough to penetrate the full skin and simply take the skin off.

Cheese Mofongo

Cheese Mofongo

Cut plantains into 3/4 inch to 1 inch wheels.

place into large container with water and salt and let them soak for 15 minutes.

prepare up to 4 cups of beef/chicken Stock.

prepare a large skillet with oil and fry the cheese or prepare your pork rinds at this time. Cheese should have slight browning on both sides

Set aside until cooled.

Manually break cheese apart into small pieces no longer than 1/2 inch.

get a shallow container that you can fill with up to 1 inch of corn or vegetable oil and heat.


Mashing Plantains and cheese for Mofongo

Mashing Plantains and cheese for Mofongo

If you don’t know how to make Tostones then check out the directions here:  Tostones Recipe.

Take the 3 garlic cloves and cook in the oil for 30 seconds to 1 minute to make soft

Take salt, garlic, and a bit of lime (if you wish), and a 2 spoons of olive oil and mash it up first in the Pilon

Gradually add the tostones and mash them up int he pilon (see first picture in this article), add bits of oil as you mash or beef stock to get a nice moist but not too soft consistency. if your container is not big enough do it in parts and at the end mix it all together and mash again with potato masher to insure even distribution of spices and cheese.

Shape using bowl, or cup, or serve in the pilon, garnish with fresh cilantro and if desired a bit of beef stock on the bottom of the plate.  Serve beef Stock on the side as sauce. Serve hot as when it cools it will harden too much.

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Cheese Mofongo

Cheese Mofongo