Jashel – Urban Bachata / Pop Artist

Pop / Bachata Artist Jashel

Pop / Bachata Artist Jashel

I hate myself for Just getting put on to this new Bachata/Pop artist Jashel, and after hearing the music you will hate yourself as well.

Have I been so out of tune lately?  Has the constant influx of new music being bombarded left and right by great artists of our culture blinded me from paying attention to new talented artists on the come up?  I mean sure I called Chiko Swagg as one of the top prospects of Urban Bachata and you better believe the kid will make noise but, then what?

Intro Jashel, remember the name, stay with me, and hear me out for a few minutes… (Or skip all this and hear the music below, they would both lead you to the same conclusion)

It’s no secret that I am biased towards the music of Xtreme and Toby Love when it comes to urban bachata, Toby is not even Dominican and I have him in the “our People” section, what does this have to do with this new artist?  Well, reason number one to check him out is he is being produced by SP Polanco, the man responsible for previous tracks by Toby Love including “Llorar Lloviendo”, Xtreme’s “Te Extrano” among others.

Ok so he got the sound down, this is before you even hear his music right?  Let’s move on to step two, the lyrics…

Jashel - Live

Artist Jashel – Live

He composes his own tracks as well as has written for artists like Hector “El Torito” Acosta, Xtreme and Carlos y Alejandra.  Now let’s take into consideration that maybe you’ve never been to this site before (ha to the har as if…), now take a look at the top 5 Urban acts ever list, and he has written for 3 of them, not to mention Hector El Torito is one of the top acts in traditional bachata and this should remove any doubts you may have had.

His bio reads like most of the bio’s for Urban Bachata artists who are successful.

Dominican (born in Santo Domingo) moved to the Bronx (Royce, Aventura, Xtreme, Toby ect.), partook in Choir for church to hone his musical talent and looks up to Juan Luis Guerra, Luis Fonsi, Juan Gabriel, Boys II Men, Babyface, R. Kelly and Bryan McKnight, and has been part of many Bachata and Salsa Ensembles.  Let me top that up with that little cherry you were looking for, kid can dance.

I don’t want to keep typing away at why you should check out the music, or why you are looking at someone who will make a splash in the Latin music market, frankly I almost feel like I’m sounding a bit informercially. However make no mistake, it’s the spark that moves us here at ThatsDominican.Com. Check out the music and tell us how you feel about Jashel.

Jashel Did a Spanish Bachata version of ne-yo’s song “closer”, you can check out the official video below and Download Jashel “Mas Cerca” / Baja “Mas Cerca” Aqui: “Mas Cerca“.  BLAW we told you first.