Nueva Melaza – Salsa Dominicana

Nueva Melaza

Nueva Melaza

The members of Nueva Melaza, are probably one of the most talented acts I have had the pleasure of featuring on this site, stay with me for a second and let me put you on to them.

Nueva Melaza is an Exciting new Salsa group formed by Dominicans Roberto Cuello (composer) and Joel Figuereo (Lead singer) who are both from San Cristobal. While the group was established in 2011 after meeting in a mutual music project that they were working on, individually both Joel and Roberto have a long list of accomplishments in the music field.

Roberto Cuello

Roberto Cuello From Nueva Melaza

Roberto Cuello started his musical studies at the age of 12, and at age 18 was part of the July Mateo “Rasputin” band as a piano player. Later moving to Holland in 1990 doing a 4 year study in Jazz, this is where his musical talents came to be known. He has been part of many bands and partaken in productions that are both nationally and internationally known in the genres of Jazz, Ballads, Mergengue and Bachata among others. He was able to partake in workshops of music as teacher, spreading techniques of genres such as merengue.

Joel Figueroa, the lead singer and writer for Nueva Melaza also has an equally impressive resume.

His ability to sing he says was given to him by his Mother Alejandra Metivier who used to sing in Church, and since the age of 5 in school and church honed his talents as a singer.

Joel was the lead singer in the local band “New Time” before starting Nueva Melaza, and has also performed as back-up singers in the bands of Henry García, Alex Bueno, José Alberto El Canario, Ramón Orlando, Jossie Esteban, Chuki Acosta, Asdrúbal among many others. He has also been part of Nationally known productions.

Joel Figuereo

Joel Figuereo

The dynamic of the band starts with Joel’s writing, In an recent interview we conducted with Nueva Melaza, Joel says he sees in his mind different scenarios of life and is able to get inspiration from the simplest of things, rain, a chair, looking at a beautiful woman. Roberto applied his knowledge into salsa due to the harmony which he was drawn to from young, and Joel also finds the freedom and harmony that salsa gives them as the best way to express his talents, but do not deny that in the future they may experiment with others genres if the fans drive them to that, but their main stable will always be salsa.

Nueva Melaza’s debut album has 9 songs, 8 salsas and a ballad, all original content and while most are written by Joel Figueroa, Roberto also wrote in the album. We don;t cosign everything that comes out, but this is something you need to check out.

Nueva Melaza Official Facebook Page: Nueva Melaza FaceBook
Official Website: NuevaMelaza.Tk


Roberto Cuello “Arreglista – Compositor” inicia sus estudios de música “Piano” a los 12 años, más tarde a la edad de 18 años pasa a formar parte de la orquesta de July Mateo “Rasputín” en la cual se desempeñaba como Pianista, luego se traslada a Holanda y es allí donde desarrolla gran parte de su carrera como músico profesional, culminado sus estudios en el Conservatorio de Música de dicho país. H…a trabajado en la dirección de varias orquestas y producciones musicales nacionales e internacionales tanto de Salsa como de Jazz, Balada, Merengue, Bachata entre otros géneros musicales.

Joel Figuereo “Cantante – Compositor” heredado de su madre, siendo apenas un niño mostraba cualidades como Cantante; participando en actividades Escolares y de la Iglesia, fue Vocalista principal de una agrupación local llamada “New Time”. Ha acompañado como “corista” a numerosos artistas dentro de los cuales podemos destacar: Henry García, Alex Bueno, José Alberto El Canario, Ramón Orlando, Jossie Esteban, Chuki Acosta, Asdrúbal, entre otros. Además ha colaborado como compositor en la producción de varios artistas nacionales.