Sandy Y Papo – Dominican Rap Group

Sandy Y Papo

Sandy Y Papo MC

“Sandy Y Papo con el merengaso, Hasme Caso o te doy un Microfonaso!”

were the lyrics I used to sing to as I listened to Sandy & Papo MC, The Dominican rapping duo whose career was ended short after a tragic accident took the life of one of its members.

Sometimes called MC Papo & Sandy MC, or simply Sandy Y Papo, their music jumped from rap to house in a variety of hit songs that included Mueve Mueve (I Like To Move It), La Hora De Bailar, Bueno Pa’ Goza, La Chica Sexy and Candela.

Sandy Y Papo

Sandy Carriello “MC Sandy” and Luis Deschamps “Papo MC” were the real names of the group members

and both are from the Dominican Republic. the group was formed by Nelson Zapata and Pavel De Jesus, after attending an audition for Proyecto Uno. From this same movement, many other groups came out at the time of the craze for Merengue-house or Merenhouse sound like “Los Ilegales”, Proyecto Uno, Fulanito and others.

Unfortunately on July 11th of 1999 Luis Deschamps (Papo MC) died during a car accident at the age fo 23, “Homenaje a Papo” or “homage to Papo” was later released with success by Sandy MC, the remaining member of the group. It is said that he is currently working on a new album (as of 2011).

In 2006, Happy Feet (The movie) used part of the track “Candela” in one of its scenes.