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Watch as this Dominican funny man discloses the nuances behind the term «Tigere» or «tigre» and exactly what kind of man it takes to be one. He also throws in other Dominican Lingo like «Frio» along with an explanation about Dominican Rum Brugal’s magical powers. For meanings of more Dominican words be sure to visit the DOMINICAN LINGO page on this site!

Feb 2011:

Check Out Juan Bago and «O» From Washington Heights and crew doing their rendition of «Black and Yellow» called «Pan con queso» The Dominican Version!  Filmed in Washington Heights, this hilarious video goes trough the hunger that Dominicans must go trough, Got quoted on Fox News Latino about this movement check out the story here: Fox News Latino.  Here is the video, enjoy!


Who said puppets can’t get down? Check out this Dominican making his puppet friend get low, very low! See This Video On YouTube: