Video Interview – Entrevista with Chiko Swag – Bachatero

We have the great honor to be the first to bring you a full interview with Dominican Bachatero Chiko Swag.

when asked what makes him stand out from the other up-coming talents in the Urban Bachata movement he says “My guitar, and my piano” – In Urban bachata the lead singer is no longer required or expected to play an instrument, Chiko goes back to the genre’s roots by incorporating talent in multi-facets of the process of the music by writing, producing, and playing a variety of instruments.

When asked who he looks up to, he mentions an array of artists all hailing from the place where he was raised, The Bronx. Regarded as the Mecca of the new style of Bachata, the place has given birth to artists such as Aventura, Toby Love, Xtreme and Prince Royce, a list of who is who is the urban movement of the genre.

When asked who he would like to collaborate with in the future, he mentions Romeo Santos, lead singer of the famous bachata group that leaded the way in the re-invention of the same genre he now performs.