Listen To Anthony Romeo Santos New Single YOU – Music

Reomeo Antony Santos – Goes solo

Antony “Romeo” Santos from the famous Bachata Group Aventura has gone solo!

Oh yes ladies, you can now hear the man of your dreams front and center of the stage as a solo artist, oh wait… he already was front and center of the stage. Anyway, check out the new exclusive single from Romeo Santos  called “you”.

The song itself is not a huge break from what he did with aventura, but that’s not a bad thing since Aventuras music was so great, and as the lead singer and songwriter for the group you would expect his sound to be constant with what we have heard before. Mixing English with Spanish in this song and his trademark soft voice we can expect to see and hear more from Romeo for years to come.

Check out the mp3 of this song here (It’s a high quality Mp3):