Dominican baseball player Manny Ramirez retires

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Another Dominican legend goes down. After testing positive for illegal steroids for the second time in his career Dominican baseball player Manny Ramirez has announced his retirement on Friday from Major League Baseball.

The choices were not that good for Manny to start with, as he was facing a 100 game suspension because of the test results.

What should we take from this? Does this diminish Manny’s spot as one of baseballs greatest hitters? Should he no longer, or will he no longer own a spot in baseball’s coveted Hall of fame? Only time will tell.

My personal view on this, is Manny took a talent and ran with it, making millions along the way, ending up with a beautiful wife and family and giving us many a days of entertainment while watching him play the game he loved. He struck fear in pitchers, helped Boston get their first world series in 86 years and renewed their little hope in that Boston too was a real team, and his mildly retarded hair provided many laughs in my day… So, yes, sure he was on the juice, but in my mind, most of the league is, and given that, if steroids were the only thing that matters when it comes to being a good player, there would be a hell of a lot more Manny Ramirez’s in baseball, and this is not the case.

David Ortiz, former team-mate speaks about how great Manny was as a player, and also states it is sad that the end of his career had to come in negative terms.

here are some of his RedSox old team-mates speaking about the situation.  They all seem to have the same view, that it is sad his career is ending in this way .

So this one is for you Manny, enjoy all you have accomplished, live well my friend… live well.