Jay-Wise and rapper Reynos New single Tato Dimelo

They did it again!  Washington Heights own Jay-Wise  and Dominican Rapper Reynos come at you with a new track “Tato Dimelo”.  And seeing as the track is about Washington Heights how could Thatsdominican.com be left behind?

in an exclusive interview with Jay-Wise, we asked a few questions to give us a better insight into what goes on behind the scenes to make Latin rappers come together on this level and make music we can enjoy.

TD: Who was it that had the idea to start the track? 
JW: My idea it was supposed to be just me then i let my dude Cakes hear it from my block he did two verses on it, then Tana Heard it wanted a verse and then we asked Reynos to get on it and he was down

TD: where did the concept come from?
JW: Just wanted to do a song for Washington Heights let the world see what we see uptown 

TD: I know you’ve known Tana for a long time, and you guys are part of the group Corp Cartel, but how did you, reynos and Cakes hookup?
JW: Cakes is a young up and coming rapper from my block 181 we worked on another song and the hood was feeling it so he jumped on this real quick to make another hood classic , Reynos and I been having a relationship for a couple of years he’s also featured on my Album / Mixtape  The Wake Up Call . He’s a very cool very humble person and we vibe well together so he also jumped on it right away

TD: How was it working with Reynos and cake?
JW: Cakes wasn’t in the studio with us but we recorded it in the same studio but he’s a cool dude hungry and true to the street so when he had the verse done in like a day in fact like i said he 1st did 2 verses (laughs).  Whenever We’re in the studio with Reynos it’s a good time funny dude it’s like family he wrote his verse there in the studio and knocked it out right away

TD: What can we look forward to from Jay-Wise and the Corp camp?
JW: Jay Wise The Wake Up Call Album / Mixtape is crazzzzzyyy feat Xv , Reynos , Criston Dior , P star ,  Corp Cartel , Dex , Laz ect it’s going to change the sound , Corp Cartel Dropping On Deck Single Right Now !!!! and we’re working on a couple of deals with a couple of company’s

TD: Where can fans hit you up?
JW: They can hit up www.twitter.com/jaywise31  and www.flyboywise.tumblr.com

Mobile users check out the video here: Jay Wise – Reynos Tato Dimelo.

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Jay Wise Bio spits out lyrics like he is trying to get a bad taste out his mouth & won’t stop until the rhyme is over & the beat has gone silent. Then after the dust has settled, Jay Wise stands there with a grin on his face basking in the mayhem he just caused. This 26 year old Puerto Rican NYC born artist has his sights on the bigger & better things in life with future plans to launch an entertainment company. Jay Wise’s lyrical skills & vocal tone sets him apart from other artists. Hold a conversation with Jay Wise & you will soon realize that he posses all the grit, image, marketability & hunger needed to be successful in this game. Jay Wise’s favorite artists are Jay Z, Big Pun, Kayne,Chromeo, Bruno Mars & his group mates (Tana & Choas). He is influenced by the trendsetters of the world that stay true to their hearts & work hard everyday. Jay Wise says his solo project  “The Wake Up Call” will change the way people see music by bringing back the entertainment that is often missing in music.

Jay Wise is a 2008 New York Underground Music Award winner for Latin music. He has performed at over 80 clubs throughout NYC & in PR, St Barts and other places. Jay Wise has worked with well known Dj’s such as DJ’s such as The Heavy Hitter DJ Enuff (Hot 97). Power 105.1’s DJ’s Carl Blaze (R.I.P) & DJ Prostyle & DJ Camillo. The crowd mover Lboogs (Mr. MTV 3) DJ Green Lantern and DJ Kay Slay. He has worked with producers such asRockwilder, Kane Beatz, Micheal “ Severn ” Summers, XV & Mighty Fuzz Young. And he has worked with clothing lines such as SABIT, LaVie, Live Mechanics, Gifted Elite, Kid Robot, Dirty Jaz, Benji Jeans, Brian Wood, Orisue, Religion, Rich Goldspun, Weirdo and many more.