Biography of Alex Bueno – Dominican Singer


Alex Bueno

Alex Bueno is widely regarded as one of the best voices of Dominican Artists, his range is such that he can bounce from Bolero (Ballad) to Bachata music seamlessly without missing a beat, and in the 80′s and 90′s his music inundated the radio.Alex Bueno was born in San José De Las Matas in Dominican Republic. When he was a boy he started playing the guitar and sang in public meetings, in school and the church choir. In 1978 Wilfrido Vargas organized the Festival De La Voz where all the youth of the country could participate. Alex performed and won the contest, gaining the atention of Gerardo Veras who invited Alex to join his orquestra the “Santo Domingo’s All Star”. His performance stood out as to get the attention of Fernando Villalona and he was invited to join his band. In 1982 Alex Bueno and his friends Andrés De Jesús, Julie Pie, Jhonny Tulanga, Bilomar “La Conga”, Manuel “La Guirra”, and others, started their own group called Alex Bueno Y La Orquesta Liberación. Two years later he went off on his own to peruse his solo act. In 1991 he joined J&N Records and made the album“Ternuras” which in 1992 broke all record sales of that time. He combined his singing with a little comedy in his lyrics. In 1998 he made the bachata album “Bachata A Su Tiempo” when bachata was not widely popular. This album was the largest bachata album in USA and took bachata to a place where no one before was able to take it. His second bachata album names “Corazón Duro” out sold the previous album and he won the Premios Lo Nuestro 2000 for Best Traditional Album. After the 2 bachata albums he recorded a romantic music album and a merengue album then another bachata album. He did another bachata album “Pídeme”,Due to finding fame at an early age he says, he ended up mixed in drugs and heavy alcohol abuse that eventually brought his career to a stop. In a recent interview with “El Show Del Mediodia” he speaks on the people that surrounded him wanting him to keep using drugs, so that they were able to take advantage of him easier. He also says he lost a great deal of money due to this and his drug use at this point. Up until 2009 videos of Alex being interviewed and in public looking like half the man he once was surfaced and spread on youtube, he always was honest about knowing he needed help, and interviewers sometimes exploited Alex in order to sell the story.Alex Made a return to music after going to Drug rehabilitation and completing it out of his own will, and is currently going strong with his music building his career back to try to reach higher levels than he did before. He says that due to God giving him strenght, he has been able to maintain clean, and the reception from the public and fans has been a welcoming one.

Video Of Alex Bueno Saying hi To ThatsDominican.Com (2011)