Judy Reyes – Biography – Carla Espinosa-Turk

(born November 5, 1967 in the Bronx, New York) is an Actress with Dominican roots. She had a some short appearances in the shows OZ, and The Suprano as well as a role in the film WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, but is more famous for her recurring role as Nurse Carla Espinosa in the NBC series Scrubs. She played the role from 2001 to 2009.

In her off-screen life, Judy spends her time with her Family in her Native New York. She has 5 sisters, one of them a twin who is also in the acting world.  Her older sister is a nurse, and Judy often calls her to ask for advice since her role is that of a nurse on the Scrubs series.

From one of my favorite shows SCRUBS Carla (Turks girlfriend played by Judy) gets confused with being Puerto Rican, and the whole cast breaks into song about how not all Latinos are not the same and she is DOMINICAN! Way to show them who we are! Mad love to our Puerto Rican friends and readers, just making it clear… She’s Dominican!


Here is Judy Reyes in an interview speaking on the series Scrubs and her character, in here she goes into detal about her role, from stealing her real life sisters persona for the role, to having to call her sister for advice and validity when playing Carla.

Here is another interview, this one is Spanish for those who thought she did not speak Spanish!

And Finally, here is Judy, as her role “Carla” in Scrubs having a bit of a “boob” problem :)