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Marcos Diaz

Marcos Diaz was born on January 12, 1975 in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  He initiates the sport of swimming at the age of 6 as a recommendation from his doctor for the treatment of chronic asthma; disease that has affected him from birth and to accompany him for life.

Thanks to this sport Marcos changed from a boy of aggravating asthmatic crises and poor health to a healthy developing youth with a strong competitive spirit.

Shortly after initiating his first steps in this sport, he entered the swimming team of Club Casa de España  of Santo Domingo.  There, he competed in the infantile category of age 6 and under until his adolescence; always motivated by his parents who understood the importance of sports for his physical development and formation as an individual.

From an early age Marcos, on behalf of his Club and of the Dominican Republic, and as part of the National Swimming Team, had the opportunity to participate in national and international competitions, obtaining multiple pool successes and acknowledgments.  Since then he has recognized the importance and responsibility entailed in representing his country aboard.

Marcos Diaz

His passion for this sport and its challenges took him to experiment with less traditional disciplines of greater challenges such as in triathlon (a combination of swimming. cycling and running).  In this sport Marcos had the opportunity to represent the country as member of the National Triathlon Team at a Caribbean Circuit as well as other international races.

The instant he experienced triathlon, Marcos discovered that in-depth, high endurance and long duration sports were his major interest, focusing on open water swimming.  From this moment the athlete begins to experiment and stand out in this highly dedicated swimming modality, as he participates in swims between one mile and 3 kilometers.   These first swims, his love of the sea and his passion for sports at the highest level, drove him to develop an impressive sports career in long distance open water swimming.

In his first ultra distance swim Marcos established a national and international record by swimming 52 kilometers non stop in a 25 meter pool.  This feat, which took place in Santo Domingo in 1999 was completed in 15 hours and 27 seconds swimming back and forth non stop.  With this first deed, Marcos Diaz commences an historical chapter of his life.

Under never imagined demanding and most challenging training, directed by trainer Augusto Garcia, this athlete focused all his energies and efforts to obtain unthinkable goals in a sport that until then was unknown in his country.

That 52 kilometer swim sealed the commitment of this iron-willed youth and since, has represented the Dominican Republic with dignity in competitions and international crossings that demands the highest level in this modality of swimming.

Each feat and each triumph obtained by Marcos, has made the Dominican flag proudly wave higher.  Among the many successes of international impact we find:  swimming across the English Channel (England-France, 2004); World Record crossing back and forth the Strait of Gibraltar (Europe – Africa – Europe, 2005); 1st place in the world’s longest competition in the Bhagirathi River in India (81 kilometers, 2006); three consecutive years champion in the International Crossing of the Toroneos Gulf in Greece (2004, 2005, 2006); swimming the passage Boca Chica – Malecón in Santo Domingo (2006); double swim around the Island of Manhattan, New York (more than 96 kilometers non stop, 2007), as well as conquering the highest place ever to be obtained by a Dominican swimmer in the World Ranking of FINA (International Swimming Federation).

Marcos Diaz

Throughout his sports career Marcos has received the warmth and support of his country and in this same way he feels committed to return this affection, contributing bit by bit in favor of the neediest.  For this reason, in 2004 he starts the Marcos Díaz Foundation (Fundación Marcos Díaz) and it is from here where he carries out social work in benefit of children and youths of limited economic resources of the Dominican Republic.

At the moment Marcos continues to arduously train every day.  During his free time, like the true lover of the sea that he is, practices surfing, free diving and paddleboarding.

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