Minus P – MinusP – Dominican Rapper entertainer

Minus P – Real name Manuel O. Pimentel, Born Dec 18th, 1980 is a Dominican rapper / Entertainer / entrepreneur who released CD’s between 2004-2007 in the New York/New Jersey Area. Titles include “Welcome to the Heights”, “The best in the Heights“, “The best in the Heights vol. 1.5″ and “Heights Music”. His Music has been featured in B-Real’s CD “The Gunslinger” as well as Eric Bobo’s compilation CD among many others, it has also been featured in major films like “Havoc”.

He was endorsed by Safari Brand Clothing trough most of his early career and later got involved with J’Sta clothing as well as La Fama Clothing.

In his music career Minus P spent a lot of his time recording and documenting many of his travels and random encounters with women that he later compiled into “The Hoe Bible” and blogged about on myspace and his site SHEEPBEAR.COM.

He currently manages a handful of websites including this one (https://www.thatsdominican.com ) and is involved in the entertainment industry.