Reynos – Washington Heights Rapper Biography Page

Inspired especially by the Notorious B.I.G. Jay-Z, and BIG Pun. fellow New York City rappers with a flair for not only club tracks but storytelling, Reynos arose from his Washington Heights neighborhood as one of the more promising rappers to emerge in years. Only 21 years old at the time of his album debut, Reynos began rapping at a young age of 11, in fact, long before he had many life experiences to draw upon.

Over the years he perfected his flow and began to sharpen the substance of his lyrics, drawing from his life experiences while also summoning the sort of feel good rhetoric that goes over especially well in club settings. Reynos has even gotten to perform in Madison Square Garden in front of 27,000 people for a radio station concert and ROCKED IT. Reynos got the attention of heavy weights in the music industry and has recorded with stars like NORE, ELEPHANT MAN, AKON and a few others, All with being unsigned! He’s getting a lot of radio spins through out the country, slowly but surely getting to that super star status.


Check out Reynos and Washington Heights own Jay-Wise in their new track “TATO DIMELO”.  If after checking out the video you want to find out more about how this track came to be check out our article where we get deeper into this video here:  Tato Dimelo insight

Mobile Users check out the video here: Jay-Wise featuring Reynos “TATO DIMELO”

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