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GWAT?! Watagatapitusberry!!! EL QUE!???

One of the few successful rappers to come from the Dominican Republic Sensato Del’ Patio’s success came due to his hit entitled “Watagatapitusberry”.

As the story was told by Sensato in an interview, it was 4 A.M. in the story when the idea surged, “What would a man who does not speak English, say to a girl if he wanted to tell her anything?”

The result is a slew of phrases that don’t really make sense, mixed with some of the first words a non-English speaker might learn in the English Language. The song starts off “Henny con Cranberry, I’m feeling so dirty, baby, you Spaghetti? Let’s go I’m ready! Tirame por el Blackberry, Vamono en el Ferry, Be Happy Don’t worry! WATAGATAPITUSBERRY!”

Originally performed with Black Point, the song was later remixed by Cuban artist “Mr. 305″, Pitbull spreading the fame from the United States to Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Official Bio – From Website

After many years of being kept in the dark, only considered as an underground success by many, the NYC based, Bronx raised Sensato Del Patio has finally made his mark in the music charts. With his completely unique style and his distinguish punchline delivery, he has revolutionize the standard Latin Urban sound that we all have been accustomed to. This cutting edge prodigy lyricist, Sensato Del Patio, has the ability to paint a picture with words, fill up a dance floor and provoke thoughts within his listeners, give him the tools to be one of the greats. The audience wants variety without compromising musical integrity, and it seems they have found it in the new sound of Sensato Del Patio.

Combining the adrenaline pumping rhythm of his native Dominican Republic and the new school Latin Hip Hop feel, radiating from New York City, Sensato made his mainstream introduction in August 2009 with their smash hit “Watagatapitusberry” that has been spotted up to position #4 on Billboard Magazine Latin Rhythm Charts, as well as the Top 50 Hot Latin Songs and Tropical Airplay.

The immediate worldwide acceptance of this “Berry Phenomenon” sparked the attention of Top Selling artists, Pitbull and Lil Jon who decided to join forces to be part of the official remix of this song and the historical filming of the video. Sensato was recently invited to perform “Watagatapitusberry” along side Pitbull on the Premios Juventud in Miami this past July.

Following his recent success, the single “ Mis Hijos” off their latest album, La Gran Manzana, has also picked up momentum creating the constant rotation of its music video on Mun2 and MTV. After his newly found success, Sensato has been working diligently on getting their unique brand of Latin Hip-Hop to the masses with a host of intensive touring all over the world, television exposure, radio and print nationwide and internationally.

The song choice of devoted Latin Hip-Hop fans has steadily changed throughout the years and the traditional dembo rhythm and Reggaetton rhyme is no longer their only option. The Del’ Patio movement has grown leaps and bounds since the inception of the group and can now be heard by adoring fans all over the world. True talent can only be suppressed for as long as the talented allow it to be.