Sergio Vargas – Biography Dominican Merenguero

Sergio, or how he is also known “El Ejemplo Del Merengue” (The Example of Merengue) is known not only for his voice, but his charitable donations to his hometown of Villa Altagracia, where he was born in the Dominican Republic.

His career started after winning second place on a TV contest on “El Show Del Medio Dia” (The Mid-day show).  Dionis Fenandez (at the time one of the more famous merengueros) recognized his talent and took him onboard his band.  He eventually joined another band where he bacame the lead singer (Los hijos Del Rey) and started his success releasing some of the great classics of Merengue today such as “Madre Mia” (Mother of mine), “La Quiero a Morir” (I love her to death) and “Si algun dia la vez” (If you see her one day) among many others.

Like Fernando Villalona, another great icon of the Dominican Music industry, Sergio’s voice is not only suited for merengue, but also Boleros where he has found a second home having great success as well.

He eventually made his own band, and in the spand of his career has attained both gold and platinum records.  Due to his popularity, he inked one of the best deals of that decade with what is now SONY.  Some of his catch phrases are “Mira, Mira” (meaning Look look) and “oiste” which means “Did you hear”.

As of (2011), Sergio is still making music, largely due to a hit that came from one of the songs he had written a few years prior “Dile”.   In the start of 200 the song resurfaced and came to be one of the greatest hit the singer had ever had, he followed that up with “vete y dile” (go and tell her) and that was also well received.