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Wilfrido Vargas

Wilfrido Vargas perhaps single handedly gave birth to the most amount of  acts that became great in their own right, some that you may not realise until we point them out.  Here are some groups that he formed that became successful: Las Chicas Del Can, Altamira Banda Show.  In a career that spands all the way from the early 70′s, he is known as one of the originators and crucial to the popularization of the music and is known as “El Rey Del Merengue” (The king of Merengue).

His biggest single was “El Jardinero”, and also one of my favorite tracks of all time, extremely innovative for its time featured what was perhaps the first Dominican Rap, wait for it….. IN ENGLISH!  Horrible English I may say, but a great chance taken that paid off at the end.