Ron Atlantico


From the moment you lay eyes on the box that Ron Atlantico private cask comes in you know you are about to embark in something special, the presentation alone is nothing less than spectacular.

The box looks like an old relic from Egyptian times, adorned with gold bits of paint on the sides and faded yellow and brown hues to demonstrate the age of the spirit you about to enjoy.  The Rum proudly comes from the Dominican Republic, and one of our newest treasures.

THE BOTTLE: Ron Atlantico

Once the bottle is removed from the box, you realize the attention to detail is simply amazing, Even the inside of the box has Atlantico’s logo on it, and I won’t lie to you, I DO NOT want to drink this bottle, I don’t want to open it I don’t want to touch it and have my fingerprints in it, I want to put it in a glass case and display it proudly somewhere in my living-room not unlike you would a piece of art.

The cap (the rum comes corked), it is made of wood and the Atlantico logo is carved into it, truly one of the best caps even when lined up next to its competition.
Ron Atlantico


It goes even further than just what is able to be produced by machines, there is a human touch to the element of the art, each bottle has a serial number on the back of it, that is hand written in black ink to show that it is bottled by hand. Out of my favorite rums, the only other rum that does this is rum Pyrat.

ITS RIVALS: Atlantic Rum

Its competition is the famous (and one of my personal favorites) Ron Zapaca (which also uses the system solera to age their rums). Their 23 year old version Centenario, the one that most closely resembles Ron Atlantico in price and taste, uses rum mixes from 6 to 23 years of age, while the Atlantico uses rums aged 15 to 25 years in age.

Another rum also from the Dominican Republic that I would put in the same category as this one is Ron Viscaya VXOP, Mount Gay Rum from Barbados, and a lesser known Ron Centenario Fundacion (20 years).

Ron AtlanticoIN THE GLASS:

Long legs develop on swirling, and the sweet aroma that can only come with long aging is expanded once it hits the glass and swirls around. This is a rum that needs to be drank neat, or on the rocks, it is far too refined to be mixed, rather, diluted with anything else other than itself, however feel free to drink it as you like.

The color of the rum is deep mahogany amber color, taste is heavenly smooth, sweet, the alcohol makes itself known, but does not interrupt the flavor abruptly, instead embeds itself within the spices and vanilla flavor that make this rum not only a great sipping rum, but an experience that every rum lover should partake in.