spanish alphabet – Dominican – Extra letters

There is a little known fact that some non Spanish-speaking people do not know about the Spanish Alphabet, it does differ from the English alphabet in that it has more letters.

Up until as recently as 2010 the extra letters “CH” and “LL” and even the “rr” were part of the Spanish alphabet and recognized as well .  I remember being taught that in school back in La Vega Colegio Agustiniano. The “CH” came after C, where the alphabet would go A, B, C, CH, D…  And the “LL” would go after L, where the alphabet would go H, I, J, K, L, LL, M, N…

While these two extra letters were removed recently, the extra letter ñ is still part of the alphabet.  While a great deal of the vowels are still punctuated in the Spanish language, they are not considered extra letters in the alphabet.