Spanish Song Translation

Just watch the videos, I got nothing else to say, Ok I guess since you see words after this I lied

This page is all about song translation, if you like a spanish sone but dont know what they are saying, this is the page you need to be in.  We will take the most popular songs (Dominican origin due to this sites content) and translate them and sing them for you…  Well some of it haha.

If you’d like us to do some more, you need to find the beat of the song alone and send it to us at  We don’t guarantee we will do it, but we might, our favorite artist to do is Antony Santos, some of his song are just funnier in English.

If you use this material, please just link back to this site so people know where it came from, we want to share but just do it right :)   Oh and if you are Antony Santos (aka Saint Anthony), please don’t sue us.  We Wuv you!