The Perfect Dominican Day – Rum cheese and crackers

Ever wondered what a perfect day for a true Dominicano would be like?  Well wonder no more!

Here at Thats Dominican we took the liberty to record what said day would be like, what it would consist of, and what perfection would be.

Ladies, if you have a Dominican man in your life and want to keep him forever, this is a must see, fellas, throw in some flowers somewhere and this works for ladies as well.  Spread it, share it, love it!

Mobile Users Here is The Youtube Link: The Perfect Dominican Day

For those not familiar, here are some of the items on the video, since I live in the United States some things were not easy to get so I substituted.


  • Crackers
  • Salami Induveca, or Salami Mayita
  • Queso Geo (Edam Cheese), Queso De Hoja (White Cheese)
  • Sugar Cane (can be bought in cans)


The Perfect Dominican Day

For your fine connoisseur go with an aged Dominican rum, like Ron Atlantico (featured in video) or Ron Vizcaya, if you can’t find those go with a nice Brugal rum and also buy some coke or pepsi to make a Cuba Libre (rum and coke) and don’t forget the lime please.  alternatively you can always try to get some Mamajuana…  But good luck finding it.


Any Bachata or Merengue usually does, but if you really wanna go all in make sure to go with Antony Santos or Fernando Villalona.


Dominican movies are scarce, Sanquipanqui is a really funny movie, while Nueva Yol is not as funny but has a great message.

Tank-top and shorts, with socks and chancletas (sandals) are a must, they embody everything we are, comfortable relaxed people, unless its time to go to a club, in that case prepare us to wear tuxedos and dress shoes with no socks.

Now go out there and enjoy, feel free to add in the comments below what your perfect Dominican day is like!