Dominican Republic Flag

The flag of the Dominican Republic, was officially accepted on November 6th, 1844.  As described by Article 96 of the Dominican Constitution, features a centered white cross that extends to the edges and divides the flag into four rectangles—the top ones are blue (hoist side) and red, and the bottom ones are red (hoist side) and blue.  The actual colors are ultramarine blue and vermilion red in alternate.  The original colors are derrived from the colors of the Haitian flag.

The first Dominican Republic flag was created by Ms. Maria Trinidad Sanchez and Ms. Concepcion Bona, It flew for the first time on the day of Dominican independence, February 27, 1844 and it was a bit different, featuring the top two quadrants blue and the blottom two red, it wasnt until 1908 that the alternating colors came to be, it also did not have the shield shown in the picture here in the middle.

The “coat of arms” or shield resides in the center of the flag.  This emblem is similar to the flag design and shows a bible, a cross of gold, 4 Dominican flags and two spears on a pattern from the flag. there are bracches of olive and palm around the shield and above on a ribbon is the motto “Dios, Patria, Libertad” meaning “God, Fatherland, Liberty”. Below the shield is the name of the country “República Dominicana” appears on a red ribbon (this red ribbon is depicted in more recent versions as having its tips pointing upward). In the center of the shield, flanked by three spears (two of them holding Dominican banners) on each side, is a Bible with a small cross above it and said to be opened to the Gospel of John, either to chapter one or chapter 8, verse 32, which reads Y la verdad nos hará libre (And the truth shall make you free).

The Dominican Flag Meaning:


  • The white on the flag stands for salvation.
  • The red on the flag stands for the fire and blood of the independence he struggle.
  • The civil ensign follows the same design, but without the charge in the center.


Different meanings have been stated for the colors: In El National newpaper of the Dominican Republic, October 17th 2006, Víctor Martínez mentions the symbolic value of the national flag, and spoke about their meanings:

  • blue represent the sky
  • red represents the blood shed by the patriots
  • white represents dignity, the peaceful character of the Dominicans and their dedication to peace.

The flag was designed by the leader of the Trinitarians, the founding father (Padre de la Patria) Juan Pablo Duarte. To create distinct flags for state and civil use, the coat of arms, adopted in 1844, was placed on the state flag. The motto had been the password of the Trinitarians.