What are the Best Beaches to Visit in Dominican Republic

Enjoy this summer at the paradisiacal beaches of Dominican Republic family or couple

The Dominican Republic, a country located in the Caribbean which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti to the West, is one of the favorite destinations to live an enjoyable and relaxing holiday. This is due to its lovely beaches with clear water, fine white sand, its resorts, its diverse vegetation, its incredible colonial zone and its metropolitan region of Punta Cana.

If this summer you are looking for a beautiful destination to see and explore, enjoy a good cocktail, snorkeling, diving and spend a good weekend full of beach, then its time to call your airline of choice and buy your ticket to enjoy the beaches of Dominican Republic. The following tour of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic will help you so that you know them well and decide which will be your favorite at the time of travel on your vacation of 2019.

So, let’s start with a list of the most beautiful beaches of the Dominican Republic:

1. Saona Island, Dominican Republic

Disconnect from the busy urban life and relax with the tranquility of Isla Saona

Do you want to disconnect from your busy urban life and make trips to a paradise on Earth in 2019? Then you have to visit this beautiful island which is located in Cotubanama Park in the southwest area of the country. The Spa has just a meter deep, where the picturesque village of hand you can visit John. Its crystal clear waters you clothes under a huge blue sky that makes you feel you’re in another world. Its extensive kilometers of beautiful sand refuge to a variety of protected fauna and a small village where it is obligatory duty to taste their cuisine.
To get to one of the beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic, you must take one of the tours that leave from Bayahibe, now that the island is quite far away from the coast of Punta Cana.

2. Bonita Beach, Dominican Republic

Relax with a view of a postcard on the shores of Playa Bonita

Have you ever wondered which is the best beach in the Dominican Republic? Playa Bonita is one of the best crystal clear beaches in the Dominican Republic. Here unfolds a heavenly landscape of waters turquoise and white sand where you can enjoy beautiful sunsets. Their access is mostly on foot from the main entrance where enabled and a checkbox there is parking. In this beach, there are no services rather than a small bar at the door so if you want to spend the day you bring your picnic.
Apart from watching the sunrise and take a good picture than most can do to travel to the Dominican Republic? Water sports such as scuba diving and snorkeling are those which prevail in the list of activities of this corner located in Samana.

3. playa Grande, Dominican Republic

This summer practice of surfing and kite surfing in the waters of Playa Grande

Do you go to the northern area of the country? If you’ve come to the San Juan River and are looking for what to do in this country, you should necessarily visit Playa Grande, one of the pristine beaches in the Dominican Republic. Corresponds to an extension of more than one kilometer of golden sand and a sea clear where you can enjoy perfect waves for surfing and kitesurfing practice. Generally in the wintertime the currents are stronger. However, if you want to relax swimming in its waters is best to visit it in the summer that the sea is calm. Being a slightly more touristy beach, you can find different services. You can try cocktails, Caribbean cuisine, rent chairs, or simply buy different beach dishes.

4. Coson Beach, Dominican Republic

Spend a nice weekend in the Dominican Republic in the diverse hospitality at Playa Coson

Do you find yourself in Samana and you decide where a lively day on the beaches of Dominican? Playa Coson is your solution. It is one of the famous beaches in the Dominican Republic where you can both enjoy water sports such as scuba diving or enjoy a dish of fish in its various restaurants. If you arrive in the evening and want a little holiday, you can enjoy in the bars of Playa Coson, Samana, which extend across the entire site. Also if later it has become to travel you will have a wide range of hotels where you can spend a few hours of rest.
To access one of the most entertaining beaches of the Caribbean you can do driving west of Las Terrenas or strolling through the Atlantic Boulevard, one of the best tourist places in Dominican Republic.

5 Beach Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

If you are looking for a new experience in the Caribbean at a low cost, Puerto Plata is the right choice

For those with a more adventurous and environmentalist spirit, is this beautiful beach away from the bustle of the cities with greater tourism in the area. It is one of the beautiful beaches of the Dominican Republic offering a huge range of activities. It is more than 7 hours of locations like Punta Cana. This makes access to it is a little complicated but not impossible. Among the main attractions of Puerto Plata, are caves, the practice of snorkeling and climbing. Puerto Plata includes other beaches, such as Long Beach, Playa Dorada, Cofresi, and is a paradise for SUVs and adventure seekers looking for excursions to travel to the Dominican Republic.

6 Beach Cabarete, Dominican Republic

With an ideal youth air for a weekend with friends, Cabarete Beach is the best choice for young people

Between the best beaches and destinations for youth, this coast Cabarete which has the distinction of being one of the five best beaches in the Dominican Republic for the practice of water sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing. It is one of the beaches near Santiago, the Dominican Republic, loved by surfers for their weather conditions causing a perfect wave. This semi-urban beach has a suitable for a walk between friends air.

The majority of bars and restaurants in the cayo is located here. They will get to know a little more about the customs of one of the best beaches located in the Dominican Republic through its gastronomy and its people.

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7 playa Bayahibe, Dominican Republic

Bedazzled with the diverse vegetation of Playa Bayahibe

Take a tour in the Dominican Republic and meet manta rays in Bayahibe. Pristine white sand makes this Cay a great attraction for the practice of diving or snorkeling. This extensive Bay has peculiar vegetation among coconut palms and cactus that make it different from other beaches in the country. But its main attraction is the vessels that give tours to Isla Catalina and Saona. You can also enjoy of Bayahibe and its warm waters as one of the beach destinations since it is quieter than the busy tourist coast. Due to its remoteness to other spas is not considered one of the beaches polluted in the Dominican Republic. The picturesque village is located just two kilometers from the coast, fishing where you can eat in their restaurants or refresh yourself drinking something in its bars.

8 Beach Nagua, Dominican Republic

Meet national park French held off the coast of Nagua

Are you one of those who like to discover new places within a country? Because it makes travel to the town of Nagua, the town that houses a large number of beaches with clear water with fine white sand. If you are a lover of ecotourism, this is the place to visit. This small northern city has started to become a space for tourism with its big attractions, like National Park Cape French, which is a reserve of flora and fauna of the region. Also, various hotels invite you to spend your stay in this charming area of the Caribbean. Another area to visit is the great Lagoon to the North of the city and of course beautiful beaches of white sand in the Dominican Republic as Bonita Beach, Beach the gringos, Loggerhead Beach and the famous puddle of bolo.

9 cayo Levantado, Dominican Republic

Visit the sanctuary of humpback whales if you arrive at Cayo Levantado between January and March

One kilometer of beautiful vegetation of forest and Sandy, characterize Cayo Levantado. To get you can take a boat from Samana that take you to this paradise Cay located towards the North-Eastern area of the country. Despite being a small coast, it is one of the beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic where you can enjoy various activities like visiting the shrine of humpback whales. The best months to do this is between January and March when most can be seen in this species. At Cayo Levantado, you can also visit the Los Haitisies National Park. Here you can taste some typical dishes of Dominican gastronomy or Caribbean drinks offered in Dominican Republic food stalls.

10. playa Boca Chica, Dominican Republic

Spend this summer in the family in Boca Chica Beach spaces

Only minutes away, to the East of the city of Santo Domingo, you place the beautiful beach of Boca Chica, considered one of the most familiar and best beaches in the Dominican Republic, due to a large reef which is located 400 meters from the shore. The Spa has a depth of fewer than eighty centimeters and is located three hours, approximately, Punta Cana. It is one of the must-see beaches in the Dominican Republic for lovers of family trips. This beach is characterized by its great variety of street vendors with typical products of the country and the number of settlements for all palates, something that can not miss is the music of the location that brightens up your stay in this beautiful area. 11 Beach Punta Rucia, Dominican Republic

Practice yoga or tai-chi in front of the crystal clear waters of Punta Rucia

To Punta Rucia places it nearby Arenal Cayo. The spa gives the practice of snorkeling and sports such as yoga or tai-chi. At dusk on the peaceful Punta Rucia, you can choose among the various facilities deployed in its 16 kilometers of extension to so taste some traditional Dominican cuisine dish. This Spa is opposite to the artificial beaches in the Dominican Republic. If you want to continue watching the fauna of the site, you can zoom into a nearby pond surrounded by mangroves where you will see different types of birds. This is something that only occurs in a few Dominican beaches.

12 Beach Montecristi, Dominican Republic

Explore the magical marine world hidden in Montecristi in the Dominican Republic

Explore the magical marine world that the Dominican Republic has hidden for you this 2019. In Montecristi beach you will find the most extensive and best-preserved barrier coral reefs of the Caribbean. This small sea coast city is really attractive for those who visit the charming place located on the stretch of the road between junction Villa Elisa and Punta Rucia. The area is best for visitors to practice hiking, fishing, bird watching, and water sports. This is also one of the beaches near Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. So if you stay in Santo Domingo, there will be no problem to go, since you can get on the highway Duarte-Santiago – Villa.

13 playa Bahía de las Águilas, Dominican Republic

Give you a relaxing swim in the calm and turquoise waters of Playa Bahía de las Águilas this 2019

If you do not know what the best beach area of Dominican Republic is, you must delve into the Jaragua National Park, where you’ll find hidden to the beautiful jewel of Playa Bahía de las Águilas. The beach is located precisely in Pedernales province to the southwest of the Dominican Republic. The site was declared biosphere reserve by the United Nations (UN). Its waters are clear, calm, and so Sandy that it astonishes all who visit. Prohibited the construction of tourism facilities, so you’ll be facing an untouched area. This also one of the cheap Dominican Republic beaches makes it. He lives a weekend big single, family or couple in this Pearl of the Caribbean Dominican offers you this 2019.

14 playa Bavaro, Dominican Republic

Known this summer Bavaro, one of the best beaches in this Caribbean Pearl

Have you ever wondered which is the best beach in the Dominican Republic? It is none other than Playa Bavaro. This beautiful area has fine, white sand and clear water and blue. It also boasts a wide range of hotels that will allow you to live great adventures whenever you make travel to Bavaro. This is one of the most important beaches of the Dominican Republic where you can snorkel, dive and rides on catamarans, as well as enjoy the gastronomy of the area. The area was declared by UNESCO as one of the best beaches in the world since it is a paradise. If you’re in your car, you can reach the road surrounding the South Coast passing through towns such as San Pedro de Macorís and La Romana. It is one of the ten best beaches in the Dominican Republic.

15 launches North Beach, Dominican Republic

Spend a good afternoon sun and sand in the calm waters of Playa Lanza del Norte

Amid a large and diverse tropical vegetation, you will find hidden a Caribbean paradise called Lanza del Norte. This is one of the camping beaches in the Dominican Republic, and the reasons you will know below. If for summer you are looking to spend a day in total solitude, this jewel of the Dominican Republic is uninhabited, but it is still a very picturesque place. To the spa, you can go from EL Limón taking the road to Playa Morón, just 40 minutes from Las Terrenas. It is important to know that being a solitary location; you must bring everything you need for a good afternoon of sun and salt water such as parasol, towel, meals, and drinks, not forgetting the sunscreen. This 2019, visit Lanza del Norte, it will be worth it.

16. playa Blanca, Dominican Republic

Enjoy a good family afternoon in Playa Blanca

Located to the West of the province of Azua, Playa Blanca is one of the most visited beaches of the area. Although you must go along a path that takes some minutes to walk, the walk is worthwhile. It is ideal for the family since its waters are shallow, calm, and very clear. Space is considered Virgin territory and the sand is completely reef, so it doesn’t matter that so strong is the Sun of the day, your feet will never burn your way through Playa Blanca. This is not one of the beaches closed in the Dominican Republic; rather it is a Cove that welcomes everyone who visits it. In it, you will have food and beverage service directly to your table. A good stimulus for tourism in the Dominican Republic.

17 playa Sosua, Dominican Republic

Savoring the diverse international cuisine that has Playa Sosua in restaurants

Sosua beach is located on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic and is characterized by its cultural diversity present in its restaurants specialized in international cuisine. Only 20 minutes from Punta del Este, Sosua has golden sand, water turquoise, and Crescent. The area is known for its way of bars, and for lovers of water sports will the possibility of diving and snorkeling because of its ease to dive close to the shore. If you wish to stay more than one day in this Caribbean gem, you will have the best beach hotels in the Dominican Republic as vacation rentals and villas close to the place to stay this 2019. It is not known for being one of the beaches in the Dominican Republic bay. However, there are no restrictions of any kind concerning this issue.

18 Beach diamond, Dominican Republic

In Diamond Beach children can bathe without fear since it is shallow and very quiet

If you are on the North coast of Dominican Republic this 2019, you must stop at Diamond Beach. Surrounded by astonishing vegetation and formed by an incredible Cove, this Cove is considered one of the most beautiful in the country. Its clear, calm waters and blue, added white sand invite you to spend a good day. It is completely safe for children because it is shallow. Here you’ll also find fun activities offered as rental boats or kayaks. On the other hand, in one of the beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic, you can taste the gastronomy of the country next to coffee. You can come for the Cabrera-Nagua Highway, María Trinidad Sánchez.

19 Beach Minitas, Dominican Republic

It gives a walk-in pedalo or practice diving in the calm waters of Minitas Beach

If this 2019 are going to spend your holidays in the Dominican Republic, and you’re a few days by La Romana then must visit, in Casa de Campo, the charming Minitas beach. This is one of the beautiful beaches of the Dominican Republic that you can’t miss. Located in a very central location, you should not walk more than a few minutes to enjoy a good day of beach, Sun and sand. At this beautiful location, you can practice different water sports such as kayaking, snorkeling and pedal boat rides. If you are hungry, you can go to the Beach Club by Le Cirque, where you will find good food and a divine view of the sea. The best space is the tranquility that offers to be a private beach.

Dominican Republic: More than what you expect

This summer you can relax and take a delicious piña colada at the best beaches of the Dominican Republic

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After knowing what this Pearl of the Caribbean offers its visitors, has come time to make suitcases, buy your ticket and prepare a map for not to forget to visit any of these beautiful destinations. Visit Santo Domingo, Punta Cana, San Juan, Samana, and delight in the crystal clear and calm waters of all the beaches of the Dominican Republic. Here never never missing the golden sand, a good atmosphere and various water sports to make the trip an unforgettable experience. Come to this Caribbean gem, and relax with a good piña colada at the best beaches of Dominican Republic on your vacation of 2019.