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GRUPO VENA: D’element Project (Miembros de Aventura Y Xtreme Se Juntan!)

Steve Styles de el Grupo XTREME, Lenny Santos y Max Agende de el grupo AVENTURA se juntan para formar el super grupo “VENA”  D’Element Project.

I was going to wait for the official announcement I really was, I apologize but when I looked at twitter the buzz that had been slowly brewing seem to just pop yesterday, if I wait any longer we wouldn’t be where people come to check out the news!

So here it is,  the Latest News from Dominican Republic announcement coming ASAP from the group itself but it’s a done deal, prepare yourselves this mega group is coming,

GRUPO VENA: D’Element Project is here.

With a lot on their plate already as the group D’Element and respective solo projects (Mike “Agende” Santos has MaxMusick vol 1. on the works, and Lenny Santos is involved in various producing projects) the news came to me as a shock to hear that the team was also embarking on an extension of their D’element formation with what they are calling VENA.

VENA – D’Element (Max Agende, Steve Styles, Lenny Santos)

VENA, is the Spanish word for Vein, and I’m guessing this can have to do with two connotations:

either in reference to the fact that they are all Dominican, hence family, hence same blood flows through their veins, or that the same music runs through their veins since Xtreme as a group and Aventura as a group both do Urban Bachata.

Now let it be clear, Danny D from the group Xtreme is not part of this VENA ensemble.

Steve Styles was born Steven Tejada (November 25, 1985) and like the members of Aventura grew up in the Bronx.  In 2003 the group Xtreme was formed where Steven is the lead singer, they also starred in the show “On the Verge” a reality show premiered on Spanish cable network Mun2 On May 7, 2009, that featured the duo Xtreme dealing with the fame while trying to handle their regular life. The show had the highest rated premiere in 2009 for Mun2

I sometimes like to put myself as A&R, when I first heard of D’Element my original thought was “If they are going to have a female and a male accompany Max and Lenny, why not just use Carlos y Alejandra?”, however then i realized the point of this time apart was not to form another Aventura but to explore new avenues, and let me be honest I had no clue they were going to make this much of a genius move, Steve Styles?  Pardon my French but MutherFucking Bravo.

I honestly can’t think of anything musically that I am waiting for more, than to hear the music of Vena: D’Element Project.

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