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Xtreme – Bachata Group

Grupo Xtreme is perhaps my favorite bachata group until they broke up in 2011, let me take the perhaps out, and that’s not in Urban Bachata only, I’m talking about bachata period.

The members of the group Xtreme are Steven Tejada (born November 25, 1985) and Danny Mejia (born July 23, 1985) both of Dominican descent, musically, they are individually known as Steve Styles and Danny D.  While Steve is listed as the lead singer of the group, in their songs the weight of the track is usually split between both singers.

Formed in 2003, their first release was in 2004 entitled “Xtreme” released under SGZ, and then re-released under Univision music group in 2006 finding its way to #14 on the Latin Albums chart.

Their success, had a great deal to do with their involvement with 2Strong Entertainment, who have also worked heavily with Aventura and who brought you Prince Royce.

In late 2006, their second CD “Haciendo Historia” (Making history) was released enjoying even more success and reaching #13 in the Latin albums chart, thanks to the hit single “Shorty Shorty” that reached #1 in the Latin singles category.

Xtreme’s Danny D And Steve Styles.

While doing some research on the group and trying to find out a bit more about them, I ran into some YouTube videos called Sancocho with Xtreme.  The videos are a multi-part log of short clips put together showcasing the time that the camera man spent with the group in Florida.

One thing that I took from it, is that while Danny D is all about being infront of the camera, Steve Styles on the other hand is actually very camera shy and does not enjoy to be recorded, perhaps is this same contrast in personalities that gives true fans different things to like about the group.

In 2008, their latest album entitled “Chapter Dos” was released.  The lead off single for the album was called “Enamorado Estoy”, where they guys went back and forth in the chorus between Spanish and English, while it was a hit, it did not do as well as “Shorty Shorty” had done.  The second single was”Lloro y Lloro” was received with sucess and a third single “Baby, Baby” was also received well.

As of August 2011, the group is working on another album that is due to be released soon (no official date set).  Danny D tweeted that it is their best work to date. Xtreme is currently touring, their main markets are Chicago and Texas.


  • 2003 We Got Next(SGZ Entertainment)
  • 2004 Xtreme (SGZ Entertainment)
  • 2006 Xtreme [Reissue] (Univision Music Group)
  • 2006 Haciendo Historia (Univision Music Group)
  • 2007 Xtreme Platinum Disc Feat. Adrienne Bailon of The Cheetah Girls(Univision Music Group)
  • 2008 Chapter Dos(Univision Music Group)
  • 2009 Chapter Dos: On The Verge  (Machete Music)

“On the Verge” was a reality show premiered on Spanish cable network Mun2 On May 7, 2009, that featured the duo Xtreme dealing with the fame while trying to handle their regular life. The show had the highest rated premiere in 2009 for Mun2.


In 2011, the group Xtreme disbanded, and Steve Styles became the lead singer of another group by the name of Vena: D’element Project.  The group also has Max Agende and Len Melody from Aventura in it.