Top 5 Urban Bachata Artists

Urban Bachata

Urban Bachata’s Top Artists

I’m excited about this one, as an avid Urban Bachata listener I could not wait to dig my hands into this theme!

While usually we pick the top 10, the truth is the category is not yet saturated with artists as some other music categories, so I can fill the list 10 times over, however I really wanted to make sure that the top acts were represented, with Urban Bachata from the number #1 spot to the #10 spot is too much of a gap to even put in the same list, so here we go.

First of all, What is Urban Bachata and how does it differ from traditional Bachata?

As Luis Vargas said in “Santo Domingo Blues” no matter what you do to the Bachata, Bachata music is Bachata music… That said, the main difference seems to be in a bit of an upgraded sound to the musics usual melody. The style of the singers also differs in that the ensemble is now a younger crowd of singers, that don’t dress with what you would consider traditional Dominican wear, but rather a more urban style, braids, or fitted hats and the overall “swag” is changed from the traditional singer. Finally, while this does change, the voice in most of these bachatas is softened by the singer, there is no “dirty” urban bachata, they are all sung in a “love” tone even when the subject is heart-break.

Here are the Top 5 Urban Bachata Artists of ALL time:


Along with another one of our mentioned in this list are credited with inventing the genre, as Romeo (lead singer) said in an interview regular Bachata consists of the lead singer with the guitar on stage singing about his heart-aches, so why not sing about how “I don’t need you” in a romantic fashion as well?  Spread some time in Boston performing these songs and eventually re-finding themselves in NY these Bronx boys are the definition of Urban Bachata.

Prince Royce

while he is new to the game compared to some of the other artists in the urban bachata list, 2 times platinum certified by the RIAA is no small feat specially for a latin artist.  He may have a long way to go to prove that he can maintain this spot, however for now, the numbers speak for themselves.


Steve Styles, Danny D! While Steve Styles gets most of the shout-outs on the song for some reason and is listed as the lead singer for the group, in conjunction their music has to be by far at least top 2 in the industry. The Only reason I’m not placing them higher is because I can’t go against record sales, otherwise this would all be an opinion, but when you put together style, number of good songs, lyrics, production together, Xtreme as a matter of fact, does deserve to be at the top 3 list of Urban Bachata artists ever, as a minimum.

Toby Love

A producer, song-writer, singer, dancer, and originator of Urban Bachata, what else can Toby Love add to his name that will make you wipe any doubts you had in your head about him being on this list?   He started out with Aventura, and went solo to form his own career and with his breakout hit “tengo un Amor” swept the charts for quite some time.  Today Toby is still making music and hits, “Casi Casi” and “Llorar LLoviendo” are among his newest ones, and he still partners up with members from Aventura from time to time for video cameos.

Carlos Y Alejandra

While I do realize Carlos sounds a bit like Romeo from Aventura, and many people have pointed that out, that does not take from the strength of their music in the urban bachata genre. Once you listen to them enough, Carlos Y Alejandra paint a cohesive picture of what couples go trough on a day to day basis. Their music filled with different scenarios is not just a momentary thing, here for the fad of it, but rather an explanation of both sides of the coin for different relationship situations. Add an intoxicating melody to that and the talent of both leads and you got yourself a group that should continue to have success in the Urban Bachata Genre